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Curio & Relic
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Bloomie's victory, NM falls

And then the scum governor tells elected officials to resign. Meanwhile Bloomie is funding the AGs office.
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THAT guy
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Sadly, NM fell a long time ago.
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Billy the Kid and his regulators arenít coming to save you..
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V guy
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Red Flaggers??

Gang members/minorities will not be red flagged as they--DO NOT OWN GUNS."

Red Flagging is a racist move by communists to disarm any white man with a gun.
Proof is "stop and frisk" is racist and they have a VIRTUAL right to carry their weapons.

It is done automatically in NYS if you are sued for divorce and own guns.

Red flagging by the State, not community members, will become the main complainant in days to come. Complain heatedly at a public meeting--RED FLAG.

Write to a democrat politician complaining, YOU WILL BE INVESTIGATED.
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