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Thoughts on Lehigh Xtreme defender ammo?

Iíve recently started looking at the Lehigh Xtreme defender loads Underwood sells, the price is right and what few testing videos I have found on it look impressive but I am having issues finding actual formal test data. It just ďlooksĒ gimmicky to me, so Iím hesitating, though I have to admit the testing videos I have seen leave me wanting it, what are your thoughts on it?

If you havenít seen it, the Lehigh extreme defender is a non expanding solid copper bullet that uses fluid dynamics instead of expansion to achieve wounding, the testing that I have seen shows a 2-3 times greater permanent crush cavity than traditional JHPs, and at the same time itís barrier blind and seems to get the same performance regardless of what it is shot through. The lighter and hotter loadings also appear to penetrate most body armor, yet still land in the FBI acceptable range of 12-18 inches of penetration into calibrated ballistics gel without over penetrating.
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