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Most consistent .22 rimfire for 22/45 conversion kit

What have any of you found to give the most reliable cycling of the slide? I suppose I should do a bullet weight and velocity to figure energy but it makes my head hurt. Anybody have any experience? Wanted to let a co-worker try shooting for the first time and kinda DO NOT want to have her struggle with mis-feeds.
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CCI or Winchester have worked great with my Kimber conver. I believe all manufacturers recommend high velocity to ensure reliable cycling.
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Bawana jim
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CCI minimags, round nose. Clean the chamber real good before you go out as carbon builds up in the floating chamber and causes stoppages. I soak it in Eds red or hoppes.
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Timber Wolf
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I donít know. I got disgusted the few times I had my Kimber conversion out. I could not get through a mag without jamming. It was so long ago I canít remember what ammo I was using but it probably was somebodies bulk pack (I am cheap). I would go with the mini mags, seems they solve a host of ills.
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Bwana John
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If it don't work with CCI Minimag, there is something else wrong.


I have found that most of the conversions have something else wrong.

Never got one to run better than 99.5% (5 failures of some type per thousand).
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