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Three new Marketplace guidelines

I added three new guidelines to TAC-40's post at

11. (added 3/13/2019 by W.E.G. - FAL Files Administrator)
DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF FUNDS: Seller should specify deadline for receipt of funds by buyer. The default deadline if not specified is seven calendar days.

12. (added 3/13/2019 by W.E.G. - FAL Files Administrator)
INSURANCE: It is understood that the seller will provide no insurance for the shipment unless the buyer specifically requests insurance, and the buyer also pays all added fees for such insurance.

13. (added 3/13/2019 by W.E.G. - FAL Files Administrator)
In today's internet-commerce society, many buyers assume that the seller is resposible for any losses prior to the item actually arriving at the buyer's destination. This creates particular peril for hobbyist sellers shipping valuable items through common carriers. For this reason, the seller should specify which party will bear financial responsibility for any loss during shipping. This principle is known in commercial shipping as "F.O.B. - Free On Board" - see generally
Example: "F.O.B. at time of delivery to USPS" means if the thing goes missing after seller delivers the thing to USPS, the loss falls on the BUYER. Frankly, I use the term "Responsibility for losses during shipping" as the sub-caption, as I think it causes laypersons way too much confusion to expect them to grasp the jargon of "F.O.B."
Here is a boilerplate term I use in my auctions:
Responsibility for Losses During Shipping:

Buyer accepts responsibility for any loss, damage, or seizure, commencing at the

time seller places the package in custody of the carrier.

Seller will cooperate in every reasonable manner in the event of any incident

that may require submission of an insurance claim associated with shipping.


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