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Barrel Threading Question

I am a new FAL owner and I recently picked up a ban era build on an Imbel receiver which has Pacific Armaments Corp stamped on it. When I bought it, I noticed the barrel was a little undertimed, but I figured I would be threading the barrel anyway so I could fix it. The rifle also came with several tools for disassembly and service. The rifle functioned fine when I test fired it, and I could zero it by driving the rear sight all the way to the right. I have it all torn down to the barrel now and the good news is that I think the barrel just wasn't torqued on right, it came right off by hand without the need for tools. It looks like the barrel is an STG, it has "kal 7.62m/m", a symbol, and then "61" stamped towards the flats. There is also a 5 digit serial number on the opposite side of those markings. It is a bipod cut barrel. The barrel measures only 20.5in long, so I am guessing that they just cut the threads off during the ban?

Based on what this barrel is, what are peoples opinions on whether I should have this barrel threaded or try to find a new barrel? 21in barrels with bipod cuts don't seem too easy to come by and I think I might run the risk of timing/headspace issues with a new barrel? I picked up a muzzle device and I was going to get some 9/16-24 LH threads, but my local gunsmiths are asking questions and/or telling me things that make me wary of having them do the job. Any recommendations on someone who can thread it if I decide to go that route?

I am looking for the threads so I can attach a flashider and also eventually get a Silencerco ASR mount so I can put my Omega on it. The built in bipod is one of my favorite features of the FAL, so I don't want to give that up either.

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I would recommend 1 of 2 things, 1 Send it to Mark at
along with your desired muzzle device and have him do it right or watch the market place as full length STG barrels do pop up from time to time and then send it to Mark for the work to be done.

I have read to many horror stories about "smiths" screwing things up, plus many average Smith's have no clue how to work on the FAL, I for one would not want my investment to ruined by a hack gunsmith. YMMV
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Threading the barrel is no problem but it's always better to have it threaded for the mount that's going to be used with a suppressor. It really doesn't make much difference but I recommend it for my customers.
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You say its undertimed so hows your headspace now? It will get tighter when the barrel is wound in more. Its worth the $ to have it fixed by some one who actually knows what they are doing
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Wow, not much traffic here anymore! If you can zero the sights it is not undertimed by very much. I doubt that the headspace will change significantly once you get it wound in and timed correctly. YMMV.
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Thanks for the input. I am probably going to send the barrel to ARS for threading. Doesn't look like a lot of barrels out there and the ones that are look pretty pricey.

I have the manual and tools from ARS to put it back together and I want to get this rifle back in action so I don't have the patience for waiting for an affordable barrel to pop up.
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Am negotiating a deal on three FALs right now (DSA factory build, G1 and a L1a1) owner had issues which would almost bet were just need to properly adjust gas and took to local smith. Now they will all need some work, one probably a barrel replacement to get them back right. Owner is above average intelligence and once showed him how one of my rifles shot 100% then misadjusted the gas said that was what all three of his were doing. Then showed him how much smith had champhered the chamber on one and ground feed ramps in uppers of others he needs to have smith send to GP and pay bill to put back how he received them but smith says they are fine and safe to fire but can't test fire at his shop and won't meet owner at range to show him how well they shoot for him. Believe he is going to take a small loss as purchased a long time ago cheap and left in vault for a decade before trying to fire any of them to make it my problem instead of his as he just wants enough cash to buy a pair of DPMS base model AR 10's.
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If you fired the gun with a barrel that simply unscrewed from the receiver, being only hand tight, that's a story in itself.

If the gun was assembled with a locking shoulder that was too big to headspace with that bbl, then unscrewing it until the go gage fit was probably what happened. Original builder probably simply used the LS that came with the kit.

The bbl would continue to try to unscrew when firing, held in place only by the gas tube and gas piston;

Get some advice on re-assembly and how to check the headspace.
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