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Originally Posted by bubbagump View Post
You know that's just about the stupidest thing you've ever said, and that's saying a lot.

'If I am going to pay for my dog to write the laws I SHOULD do what he says'
'If I'm gonna pay for that electric chair I SHOULD check out the fit'
'If I'm going to pay for that hooker I SHOULD lick her asscrack...'
'If I'm going to pay for .... '

If you are going to start an organization or join one you should abide by the rules of that organization.

Simple enough, even for you?

Originally Posted by bubbagump View Post
For those on the short bus, the whole point of paying for something is to own it. And the main perk of owning something is determining it's use and eventual disposition. You get to do what you want with it. Including wiping your ass.
Only in your Bubbatard world is paying 22% owning it.

Let me put this in terms you can understand.
You and 4 other Faltards rent a whore for an hour, each paying 20%. You don't get to lick her ass for the whole hour w/o your 4 pals agreeing to it.
Understand now?

Bawana jim; 'I was trying to get to the point he would realize that because of debt the world has improved.'

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