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There was no "hot pursuit". According to the article they were searching for a firearm some perp may have ditched. That SS trooper could have made contact with the property owner before entering the property, but he didn't. Likely he didn't because he is the po-po with the uniform, a badge, and a gun. He don't have to ask anybody for permission for nut'n. He's in charge.
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Originally Posted by Tuhlmann View Post
What does that mean, exactly?
Dumbfuck is an injun....
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Originally Posted by hueyville View Post
Key sentence is "situational based" makes statements hypothetical/situationally based.

In Georgia we have much friendlier laws than many states giving citizens rights to open carry without a license, even in Hartsfield International Airport till try to cross TSA security line.

We also have this law that has successfully defended people for shooting cops executing a no knock. In the confusion of someone kicking in your door, welding weapons and shouting a lot can happen especially if cops have wrong address or resident is actually a law abidin citizen who has no reason to expect a raid on their property/home. Right now their is a group of five men wearing all black, black hats and ordering people to open doors as it is a police raid. If occupants open door it goes bad for them. If not two of the men provide cover while the other three pop the door with crow bars and go on about the business of a home invasion. This group has been working almost a year in north metro area uncaught and police say have no real clues as to who they are yet.

I have these signs posted at all exterior doors to the Ponderosa and other strategic places. Have had power company, meter readers, tax assessor and even my insurance company call and ask if it was o.k. to come onto my property. Thsee signs seem to get people's mind engaged in survival thinking rather than assuming they can come and go as please on my property. My lawyer says I may want to add the Georgia Code (just the number, not entire wording) but as are am totally legal to place and if not breaking any laws odds are a local jury would side with homeowner from his experience.

Have had two instances of LEO kicking down wrong door (once was deaf man whom they killed because he could not hear the police commands nor see in dark apartment as they had wrong building) and another where police shot a man 27 times on his front porch when he denied them entry to house. These were recent but been several others and the taxpayers usually pay millions of dollars to persons who LEOs used excessive force, we're at wrong address, didn't identify themselves properly and other issues in confusion of kicking down doors in middle of the night when occupants are law abiding citizens.

My wife's liberal cousins (mostly educated at liberal colleges spread out from New York to Massachusetts), especially those with masters and doctorate degrees flip out when see these and loaded firearms in the house. Worth the price of admission when they first notice a full armor kit as well. Had one who decided to not stay in spare bedroom but checked into local hotel for her visit instead. Was in fear a gun would become self aware. Work as volunteer at the 911 center and told them many times if want to see what's in my house give me a call and will have a pot of fresh coffee brewed when they get here and would not even ask to read a warrant. If kick down my door while wrestling with my BiPAP ASV during a bad nights sleep no guarantees how I will react if even suspect it's a home invasion. How long we will be able to keep our hillbilly laws is yet to be seen but we are much closer to living in Mayberry than California.
Hueyville, I like your signs !!!

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