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Hi-power safety?

how hard is it to change to a extended safety, i know nothing about them except how to put bullets in and take the slide off for cleaning.
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Originally Posted by Stoney View Post
how hard is it to change to a extended safety, i know nothing about them except how to put bullets in and take the slide off for cleaning.
I'd rate it as a minor pain in the ass. But not that big a deal. I'd wish you good luck with it, but in all probability, you won't need the luck.
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Been a while, I think last one I fitted was a Pachmayr or maybe a C&S. No, it was C&S, I have a fairly scarce Pachmayr slide release. The safety I took off was a dual, so unpinning the far side, then just fitting the safety block, little file/stone work. Seems like it had a spring and ball detent that could be pesky.
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Not sure if you are referring to replacing a drop in part or fitting an oversize. Neither is difficult once you understand what you are doing.

Personally, I think the offerings in off-the shelf OS safeties are poor, so I take the factory one and solder a piece of flat stock to it - shape to my taste and then tun a checkering file along it for serrations.
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