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H&R T223 klon

This project started here 6 years ago that led to the purchase of a bipod that wkendwarrior2003 had posted some concerns about, this was in 2013.

My following reply in his original post (*below) stated that this particular bipod has been seen on the Harrington & Richardson T223 rifle.
The concern being that it was missing the bipod collar as some stated is not the same collar that is used on the G3 rifle. The collar in question is a permanent fixture on the trunnion area of the rifle.
*Link to wkendwarrior2003 post.

Feel like taking a trip? Thereís a lot of photos in the links below that I took during this endeavor.
I finished this a couple of weeks ago and thought some might find it interesting.

If you remember the Kohler commercial with the couple that brings a faucet to the architect and says ď me a house around thisĒ, thatís pretty much how this project started.

Back in 2013 I purchased a pretty unique heavy bipod.
The only rifle Iíve seen this on was the Harrington & Richardson marked HK rifle designated as the H&R T223.
Detailed pics of the HK G3 and T223 heavy bipods can be seen here.

Iím not going into detail about the T223, that information can be found on line. Thereís also a couple pages in the book: Full Circle by R. Blake Stevens.

Hereís a link to the 1965 T223 manual.

In short, H&R submitted the T223 rifle to the US trials in the mid 60ís, obviously the M-16 won out.

I donít know how many original T223 rifles are out there but I know Reed Knight has one in his collection and there was one on Gun Broker for sale in 2015. If I remember right the price on that was 45K.

So moving ahead ...I have this bipod, if I could find one of the early mags, this would make for a pretty cool project.
Luckily a WTB post I had out there turned up a magazine.

Thank goodness I didnít start a build thread because this turned into a six-year endeavor, three of them were spent waiting for a new flat that was supposedly coming but never happened.

Along the way Iíve taken tons of photos and have uploaded them to IMGUR.
Iíll post the links below and if you have the time and want to check them out thereís plenty to see.

Iíll put a couple of images here to give you an idea where this started, a couple of in-betweens and how it ended.


Bipod arrives

Made the collar for the bipod and located a magazine.

Fill the SUO markings on a Malaysian housing. Laser engraving will re-mark with Safe, S.A., F.A. similar to the original.

- Project on hold between 2016 and 8/2019. -

Opted to go with a flat that is currently available.
I chose to send it out for engraving prior to bending, no FFL or additional information needed to be added.
I know I know, I engraved a company name on a gun that they didnít make but itís mine and itís not for sale. If in the event it is ever sold it will not be put on the market as an original.

- No build pics here, please check the links. I have them posted in order. -

Just finished, hereís a couple of photos of how it turned out.

Images are shown in blocks of 10. When you get to the last image click the blue box to continue.
(1) Original T223, photos from the manual and my starting point.

(2) Flat bending and assembly fitment.

(3) Sight alignment, bipod collar #2, welding and prep for finish.

(4)Finished and assembled
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I seemed to have been so consumed by the rarity of these rifles that I would never expect any chance of finding one of the early style .223 hand guards and figured it would be harder than locating the magazine. The amount of time I spent looking over photos I never realized the hand guard is nothing more than a narrow G3 that was shortened.

Of course the one I had for years I sold so I had to find another one but it had to be correct. There is a slight difference between the earlier and later G3 synthetic narrow hand guards. Its not much and probably wouldnít be noticed, the mold line on the bottom row of ďventsĒ is more rounded at the ends on the earlier style vs. the later which appear to be squared.

Why I notice stuff like this and not recognize the hand guard was a cut down G3 I donít know.

I took a few pics of how I went about cutting down the G3 hand guard, inserting the metal ferrule for the push pin and refinishing. I added them to the last album thatís in the first post. Iíll post it here as well if anyoneís interested; there is photo of a 1966 HK33 and a 1964 HK53 that also have a shortened G3 hand guard.

Image from the T223 manual

New hand guard installed.
My take on the image above.

...with the bipod closed.
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Mighty Fine!
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Thanks for sharing this, I've never seen the type or model.
The rarity of the parts being what it is I'm not surprised but that mag really has my attention. I've never seen such a thing before and can't imagine how hard it was to find.
Excellent build and a very good job converting the firearm.
Congrats on the rifle.
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Well done and thanks for sharing.
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That is awesome always wanted to do one amazing work HK bro!
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Thanks for the replies, appreciate it!

hkshooter, fortunately somebody replied to my WTB post on HKPRO and had what I was looking for.
Another one of those mags came up on GB this summer but it surpassed my limit on how far I was willing to go.
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Timber Wolf
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Interesting, I love anything H&R and collect their .22 rifles (all I can afford). Thanks for sharing.
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