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Bawana jim
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You guys need

A bug out trailer. Interesting video of several different makers. High dollars and low dollars. My personal favorite has a small boat built into the top.

Oregon teardrop

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They have some pretty cool ideas over at the Expedition Portal forum.
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Are We Awake ?
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Nice rigs.

Where you gonna drag them to when ya bug out ?

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Bawana jim
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Originally Posted by tdb59 View Post
Nice rigs.

Where you gonna drag them to when ya bug out ?

I worked all over the state in my career building roads, depending on how ugly it gets I would pick the place with the most natural food available. If the world goes to nukes then I have my own little coffin to drag around.
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Wife and I have been shopping for a new camper since we sold the previous one which age had maintenance beginning to cost more than it was worth to keep. We have found three companies that make campers with a variety of ballistic features. There is one that is NIJ 3a rated in all 360 degrees and not horribly heavy or expensive. Will try to find the link.

For bugging out or bugging in always need to increase your perimeter defense and ability to repair sections or add more security as times require. Walmart has razor wire on sale.

BTO-22 Clipped Concertina NATO Razor Wire Galvanized Steel 328'
This NATO razor wire, suitable for all types of outdoor use, will be a perfect choice for protecting your fields and property. It could even be used to secure military sites, prisons and government agencies. The sturdy barbed wire is already coiled and has 3 clips on each loop, which results in a tubular shape with gaps that are too small for a person to climb through. This will keep unwanted guests out of your property. The razor wire can be wound around the top of your property fence for added security. Made of high-quality galvanised steel, our razor wire is weather- and water-resistant, and highly durable. Please check your local laws and seek professional help or advice before starting any installation of this product.
Material: Galvanized steel
Wire length: 328' (stretched), 31' (coiled)
Coil diameter: 18"Razor size: 0.87" x 0.59" (L x W)
Razor distance: 1.3"
Price has dropped from $75 to $50 per box at Walmart stores that stock it. Not common but some of the rural state Walmarts such as in Montanna, Wyoming and some suprising areas. I found five boxes in a mega-store in an area with a lot of construction sites around it. Can only assume it was ordered in over Walmarts online sales and never picked up by customer. While it's actually $53 per box at or on their app (shipping is an issue) when found the boxes in their hardware section (needed some screws on a jobsite and they were a couple blocks away) noticed were beat up, dusty and looked as if been around a while. Asked associate if able to get a manager to reduce price if purchased all at $40 per unit.

Have been trying to find another Walmart in my normal travel area that may have more so can use receipt for price matching while it's a recent date. Walmart is good about price matching other stores especially on items they don't even know what it is and why it's in the store. Five more boxes of top grade razor wire to throw in the shed with all the post cold war "razor tape" or "razor ribbon" commonly used in Germany and other areas where NATO and Russians had drawn their lines and kept the easy to deploy "razor tape" stored all over Europe and had warehouses full in the U.S. can buy the razor tape inexpensively as well. It's in easy to deploy rolls and can usually find for about $30 per roll to my door if buy enough to motivate seller to ship at a fair price.
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Andy the Aussie
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This is a big market out here.... we have more space to explore...
Originally posted by GOVT1911
You could do some searching and find a nice TLC and do the same thing, still saving a bunch of $$ and end up with a nice, comfortable CAPABLE rig...
(Jiminy Christmas, did I just recommend a 'yota?!!??)
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Timber Wolf
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My “bug out” and everything else camper is an older Scamp 16. I get a lot of use out of it now and would if I had to leave the homestead, which I am not planning on. I really need to develop somewhere to go though. Everybody I know away from here is closer to the coast or has traditionally had worse weather than we do here. I have looked at teardrops, but am too old for all that crawling in and out. And honestly, my 16 footer is as small as I care to spend rainy weather in, especially with a kid and dog.
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Shoots High
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I have a 9' slide in truck camper on a ford f250. It has been home on wheels many a time. In fact, we have had several of these set ups over the years. In my opinion slide ins are the way to go.
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If I lived in an area where evacuations due to sever weather were likely, like a coastal area or maybe an area prone to wildfires, I would keep an enclosed trailer stocked with some non-perishable necessary items all ready to go. Toss in a few totes with food and such and you could be headed on down the road in a hurry and beating the crowd.

Suggested that to a friend who lives in Fla. along the Atlantic coast. Unfortunately, his HOA won't allow any trailers!

I have a 1984 Westfalia VW camper bus. Its been a 'home on wheels' a few times, but I don't plan on "bugging out". I'm in a fairly good location and can supplement my stores with whats roaming out in the fields and forest.
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