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10mm Pistol case bulge

So I decided to try my hand at reloading a pistol caliber, never bothered before as 45 and 9 were cheap enough not to have to, 10mm is a different story.
So I picked up some once fired nickel cases bought the dies and started setting up. After sizing, a good percentage of the cases still won't fit in the case gauge, so I off to google I go to find out what I'm doing wrong.

One of the first things that pops up is the Lee Bulge buster, along with an explanation that pistols without fully supported barrels I.E. Glock, allow the case to expand in the open area and the bulge buster is a remedy to make the case useable again. Which make sense to me if its a low pressure round, which a 10 isn't, and I'm a little leery of loading a full load in a case that's been stretched out of spec and then reformed. Even more so after dropping a transfer case on my finger Friday.

Anyone got any thoughts on this? Am I over thinking things or is it a cause for concern?

And finally anyone got recommendation on a powder for 155gr?
I'm looking for velocity, low flash and accuracy. yeah I know, pick 2


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