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Gen1 19

Anybody on here happen to own a real Gen1 19? They mfgd between 100-200 of them between Sept-Dec 1988 until the Gen2 was introduced in January 89. Last one I saw at auction went for north of $6k. Most folks think they have one but end up having a Gen2. Thought Id ask the Files crew...
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Saw one for $5k.
Did a double take to see why.
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Timber Wolf
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Nope, mine is just a $300 Gen 2. I am packing its $300 Gen 2 G23 brother as we speak (well, type).
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I missed a Gen 1 G19 by minutes while researching it online before I would commit to the $699 sellers price. By the time I had called back it was gone so I settled for a (April 1988) Gen1 G17 long slide instead. They had two of those and I got the last one for slightly less money. All three Glocks were in unused condition with papers and boxes.

That was my biggest missed deal next to a highly collectible unmolested original Martini Henry Mark 1 I missed a few years earlier for $500 cash. Sometimes you just miss the deals.

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