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Colt 21

Well, my old shootin' buddy has finally decided to part with his Colt 21 AC. He has 2 50 round drums that are original and 1 50 round Numrich drum,all of which function well. He also has about 30 military stick mags that go with the gun along with the original, unbroken 21 actuator and two sets of original furniture one set has the pistol grip that has been sanded to fit his very large hands as he's 6' 9" tall). He also has an original nickel plated oil bottle and a bunch of parts. This 21 runs well and has been used in matches he's shot in over the years since the SOF matches and 2nd Chance up in Michigan. He is asking about $35,000 for the whole mess and may negotiate a little to a serious buyer. What I'm asking is if he's in the ball park with the current market as we've both been out of it for a while. Thanks.

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The Colonel 1C16:13
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Here is one that sold early this year, but no price listed. The contact info is there however so you might reach out and see what info they might share.

This one is listed as a "shooter grade" for $31K.

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Bawana jim
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Around here a good 30 round stick mag for the Thompson is $35 last time I saw any. That was two years ago.
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Lee Carpentieri
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Colt 21AC

Leland, He's about in the right market with all the accessories he has with that package. NFADLER has one at 30.995.00 right now with one mag from 31.995.00. Lee.
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A variety of Thompsons for sale
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A lot depends on the condition and whether the parts are original. If it is a very clean gun with original barrel, the gun might bring in the $40-50k range. You can get more info on Or if you are interested, send me a pm and I can provide some additional info.
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