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This is truly a painful experience but you should get you money back. How can you buy something from someone that you already trusted and he betrayed you.
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I've bought optics (and other items) many, many times from Optics Planet without any issues. Guess I was just lucky on those transactions.

Sorry your experience wasn't better. Everyone makes mistakes, I know but that doesn't lessen the butt hurt when your order isn't exactly what you expected. And the company doesn't take care of the issue to your expectation. They should do it every time but in this day and age, the customer isn't always right. I wish we would go back to that expectation, that the customer is always right.

The only bitch I had with them is they kept sending me better and better coupons as I bought more stuff which made me buy even more stuff! Which meant better coupons! It was a vicious cycle!

So, once again, I'm sorry your experience wasn't as expected. But, your post did enforce the notion I should check, and double check, that what they sell is exactly what they say it is. But then I already do that but it does reinforce it.
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My one experience with them was terrible. They charged my card for something they listed as in stock and then sent an email telling me it would be about EIGHT MONTHS before they shipped. Cancelled order - one and done. BUT people do make mistake's...
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