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> Dirt
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Model 10s at Classic

European police returns. Heavy barrel 10-6s & 10-8s.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 Fair Condition $249.99
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The price of $250 isn't out of line but by the time shipping, FFL transfer fee, and quite possibly sales tax is added to that price you are looking at $300 and probably a bit more.

I have the 10-5 four inch heavy barrel and it is a superb duty revolver IMHO. Recoil with the "FBI load" aka the +P 158 grain LSWCHP is tame in the HB. The wear on these revolvers doesn't look too bad in the photo. For a home defense handgun or a knock around piece it doesn't matter.

Everyone should own a Model 10 in my opinion. A classic American handgun.

And so it goes.

The Retired One
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Bawana jim
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Just opinion but the thing about older Smiths is getting parts for them if you shoot them a bunch. Smith doesn't make parts for the older guns now just like Ruger doesn't make parts for the Security Six models. Both are good guns but don't wear them out. I think one day gunsmith will be buying these old Smiths for parts.
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Fair @ classic is probably equal to paperweights
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Originally Posted by Retired Bum View Post

Everyone should own a Model 10 in my opinion. A classic American handgun.

The Retired One
Yes, every responsible gun owner should have one. It is an American Classic, not to mention it is the "weapon-of-choice" for Vigo Mortensen in "The Road".

It is quality that endures.

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Timber Wolf
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Love my old lightly used Police trade-in Model 64. Donít think I need a fair condition 10 though.
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I did a transfer a few weeks ago for a guy on one. Mechanically the revolver was fine but the finish was trashed. It would have made a good candidate for cerakote (sp).
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If those were from the same imports that AIM got a while back they are mechanically good to very good. I bought mine, a Model 10-6, from AIM before they hit the bottom of the barrel and all they have left are the worst of the batch, maybe like Classic has at that price. My AIM example had a good 75+% finish with fine timing and shoots great. I caught myself ringing a 70 yard gong with it with cheap ammo last week.

Almost all need their service grips replaced and Hogues work great on these old revolvers. I learned to shoot handguns in 1970 shooting my LEO uncles Model 10's in both HB and 5" tapered versions. I agree, everyone should own at least one.

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