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I'm now an "X" man!

Been carrying the P320 Compact in .40 for a couple of years now. Upgraded to an Apex straight trigger maybe 6 months before the recall but seeing what the recall "fix" was (essentially an Apex trigger) I chose to stay like I was.

Come forward a couple of years now and with reading about the X-carry I was intrigued. They raised the hand position a bit by placing the dovetail higher on the frame module, and reshaped the grip to be a bit thinner in thickness and a bit more, I'd call it "HI-Power" angled.

I went ahead and bought an X-carry module and I have to tell you it's nicer looking, and more importantly, feels better in the hand and seems to promote better recoil flip control; this should be expected with a grip higher, and therefore closer to the plane of the barrel.

Interestingly it uses the full-size magazines, but is VERY close in overall height to the compact which holds 2 less rounds. Again, this is due to the raised hand position in reference to the barrel, allowing those 2 extra rounds with almost no lengthening of the grip itself.

The one minor downside is they change the grip so that the floorplates on the magazines will not fit in the new module. There are now P320 "Sig Sauer" magazines that are the originals, and the X's use "Sig" baseplate magazines. Fear not though as with a dremel and a sanding barrel I simply reshaped the mag opening to accommodate the older mags I had. It was pretty easy, didn't affect function at all, and now I can use either magazine type.

If I think about it I'll try to get some pics up later (at work and can't bring it into the office), but for now get a look at the comparison here...

P320 Compact vs X-carry
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It does look better, but... how's it shoot??
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