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Old December 12, 2019, 12:50   #1
Bawana jim
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New sights

Interesting, what do you guys think?
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Old December 12, 2019, 15:56   #2
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I like the concept, wasn't sure about the ported barrel.

You can buy the slide sans porting to convert the standard 365, I may get one once they are in stock.
FAL convert.
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Old December 12, 2019, 16:31   #3
Bawana jim
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Makes the 563 a better snag proof tool in my opinion. I like that but not sure I can get used to the sight picture.
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Old December 12, 2019, 18:01   #4
Sig Sauer Me
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Thumbs up

Great concept, but... not a fan of the 365. Now, put them on the 365 XL and I'd be all-over it. Neat!
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Old December 17, 2019, 22:51   #5
Nomad, 2nd
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He'll no.
I notice no one ever debates whether a .30 is an adequate stopper...
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Old January 09, 2020, 21:10   #6
Curio & Relic
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I was gonna look into a Sig here pretty quick. Is this new sight only available on the smaller frame, I would prefer a full frame pistol. Was just up at Dunham's perusing them tonight and the salesman told me about them, but had none with this new sight in stock.
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Old January 11, 2020, 19:29   #7
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?? why port a 3" barrel . . . step up the bullet weight and reduce FPS till
you find one that doesn't produce alot of unwanted muz flip.

Got a Springfield Hellcat 9mm OSP couple weeks ago. Its small and its got FLIP. ( not as bad as a certain Kimber SOLO 9mm of past )
Started with 115gr, >124, >135, rem 147, > 150 UGH to much.
It was Rem 147gr that gave the most control / non flip.

I wouldn't mind seeing a little more grip meat in backstap area to
counter / xfer the recoil, a sleeve or detachable ?

Oh, my on the prices for (recommended) red dots on this.
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Old January 14, 2020, 10:17   #8
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I very seldom have use for a 3" 9mm. For the most part I carry full size duty pistols. A Commander size 1911 in 45 acp is about as compact as I want to carry. Thursday I will have a 1911 on my side when check into surgical center preop and a 380 compact in my pocket. Area of spine the doctor will be working on just have to take off shirts and body armor then put gown over my Levis. More than once have woken up from anesthesia to be helped off the table back into wheelchair and see a nice image of my 380 on the screen of the modern fluoroscope the doctor uses to guide the needles used to inject radio frequency burns to impinged areas of nerve where exit spine. I believe he does it to let me know I am not getting anything over on him and to show his staff even a pain patient that is being premedicated before sedation and then sent to recovery is safe to be armed.

I have multiple specialists of which many have signs saying "weapons free building" which is not recognized by Georgia law to keep people with a CCW/GWL from walking on in armed. Every doctor I have allows me to wear a duty pistol in office and are used to me having to remove belt with mag pouch and 1911 then shirt and body armor to do their examination. In fact more than half say they feel safer when I and some of their other patients are armed. I don't own any real compact 9mms. Have a fleet of Hi Powers and a few other 9mms mostly subguns but I can hide and handle an Officers Model size 45 as easily as a 9mm and have more confidence.

The Kimber Ultra RCP II 45 has no sights but just a groove milled down the center of the slide for sighting making it a great compact carry pistol which is totally dehorned without any sharp corners or crap to snag as draw from unique carry methods. The Robar R9 has a groove in place of sights as well a host of many other pistols over the years but this new take by SIG is very interesting.
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