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New Use for Leupold Tracker

(Try at own risk, if kill your Tracker it's on you)

Recently discussing the purchase of the most inexpensive ATN thermal rifle scope with owner of LGS. Told me he had several plus already upgraded two of his to the newer Tracker 2 and a Tracker 2 HD as gets for wholesale, sells off his older units to offset cost and can always give informed opinions. Said he and a friend got an idea to try a Tracker on an AR 15 since it's so easy to put in a 30mm mount. Tried red dot in front of Tracker with no luck but when put Tracker in front of a cheap red dot it worked well once got intensity setting on dot adjusted correctly. He has tried it with a 3x magnification 2 MOA dot red dot and says works just fine as well.

Having recently received a Tracker 2 myself decided to take my oldest tracker off the helmet mounted to and move to a 5.56 SBR with suppressor. Used a cheap red dot at first with Tracker on a tilting mount so able to swing out of way during daylight. It worked well but the 2 MOA dot was just too big at longer ranges as flared a bit. Swapped to a Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight with 34mm Tube and 1.0 MOA dot. Had to play with mounts but now both line up perfectly and when swing the Tracker up in front of the large tube Leupold Freedom with 1 MOA dot can eat up Coke can size targets at 100 yards if have enough temperature difference between target and background.

Remember the Tracker is specifically stated to not be rated for use on firearms. That said now have over 500 rounds with Tracker locked into position for night use and flipped to side for day use. Goal is too see if will last 1,000 rounds and if have no issues going to order a Tracker 2 HD for my backup helmet carry in truck and mount the Tracker 2 on the SBR. When the oldset original Tracker comes off the SBR going to move it to my 10.5" Noveske barreled pistol with another Leupold Freedom red dot and see if it will suck up 6.8 recoil plus the piston drive slapping back and forth. $500 to $800 thermal sighting capabilities sure beat paying $1,800 for the most basic entry level thermal scope. YMMV and try at your own risk.
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