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Help-need some work done on funky coonan/cai inch rec w/2 step lug

Yup,i know, .....i have had one of those funky CAI Coonan receivers with the 2 step lug on it for years. It also appears cut to take both inch and metric mags and has extra material along the bottom where the lower makes contact.
I have basically nothing in it so am willing to pay for some machine work to get this buildable . So would need lug welded up and recontoured and the bottom milled or ground,whatever to get rid of the material.

Now on the plus side, the inch ch works great, i have had a couple barrels hand screwed in and seems like threads good,gas nut goes in fine,top covers go in fine to tight,carriers slide along pretty well.... so it does not apoear that this is a lost cause.
So i am willing to spend some coin to sort it out. I cant have this sitting here...either need it fixed or toss it since no one buys these abominations....

Along with this i have a barrel that some joker chopped and brazed or welded a 3 slot fh onto to get past 16"- oal is about 18" . Barrel has vg bore and gb but no markings at all aside from a partial 0 with MAYBE a hint of a letter on a flat. Also weird is it appears to have been bipod barrel. I was thinking it may be dsa but it is 4 land and groove..thought dsa was all the 6/7?? groove like the inch barrels?? Threads on this dont want to go into the receiver...much...i am going to try it on a couple stubs i have to see whats up..threads look fine no burrs or damage.

I was going to ask mark/gp if willing to do the work but he states he wont work on these receivers somewhere on his 'site...unless he has changed it.

Basically i would like the receiver sorted,have barrel redone with a faux combo device(gp sells them,look like combo but is a mb) that would need to be pinned and welded like M4 barrels and have barrel installed.

I am in process of getting bits together to make this a cheap truck gun...have most bits...need bolt,misc lower bits and some springs. Nothing fancy,just a smokestick to keep in the daily driver secured and nothing pricey to cry over from dings scratches or accidental humidity or chicken fat rust if i miss a a wipedown....(still be cursing myself out though)

Sorry long winded,thanks for offers leads,etc guys
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It would work a lot better for this.
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