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Anybody remember the Mitch Werbell M-73 rifle project

Does anybody remember the rifle that Mitch Werbell tried to get the military to adaopt? I have seen one and in fact know someone that has this rifle. This rifle was U.S. marked on side as a M-40 is, clip slot cut and stock was also marked U.S., barrel was as i remember about 18" and was threaded for his Sionics suppressor as used on the M-14. The scope on this rifle was a A.R.T. I but i saw a ART/MPC with it also. It was shown in one of the "Death From Afar" books by Chandler but i dont remember which one.

I just wondered if anyone had seen or remembered this. It's like another name comes up possible Vern Owens also military background and worked on the M-73 project. All of this would have been in late '69 or early 70's.


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Never heard of him, but did some digging and came up with this article. Looks to be an interesting read.
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If you're thinking of the one Wayne Daniel had(he bought the MAC business in the end and part of Sionics)- that gun and several other rare ones were sold off by wait a minute what is his name... Shane. Sylvia's son.

Wayne had one said there 4 left. It was one of 4.

Everything was bespoke in either Powder Springs or down about Everglades City.

Mitch had the LE/Contractor training center in Georgia- the name escapes me now but will come to me- BATFE and FBI didn't really have DEDICATED undercovers and they established their now closed(moved to Quantico) Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswich and they sent them to Mitch for "advanced studies" and "finishing school".

Then there was the less "above board" center that was PO Box'd Everglades City but was outside it, and he was advised to move it by DEA. This was WELL BEFORE literally the road to F-C was shut down and the entire town was arrested.

He then had a place in the Everglades- it was the one that had a Florida City PO Box- that then became his training center. If he could get anyone who'd been Red Horses, Combat Engineers- he employeed them. He had a guy who was married to the heiress to Maxwell House working for him. Everything went wrong. And it was smack ass dab in the Glades.

Mitch started partying too hard and no later than '83, he was dead. Dosed with a heart medication that isn't common for ME's to check. Digitalis ? Jimmy Flynt alluded to it on a wire tap but nothing was ever done with it.
But amongst those who traveled his circles, it was accepted: WerBel got dosed by one of the Flynt brothers. Yes, I mean Larry Flynt of Hustler Flynt brothers. The Flynts had always maintained they were into moonshining in KY and OH where the original Hustler Clubs were. When a guy turned snitch who'd been a pretty in-deep criminal, he alleged that the Flynt brothers did hits instead of moonshine and that they'd take contracts in the Hustler club.

Mitch also had a weapon that was lot like the first Gwynn Bushmaster. The idea was it would have been very cheap to produce, stamped upper, gas piston, use a lower from the existing M16. He had a few of those done. I saw one of the uppers being sold a Gwynn Bushmaster prototype. It was one of Mitch's.

He was an intelligent guy but the list of his confreres is umm.... a shitshow.

He was nearly called before the Congressional Sub-Comittee on CIA back when EVERYTHING was coming out... I believe that was 1975-1976. He planned to go to St Johns if he was subpoenaed on anything he did not want to discuss- which was most everything.

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Didn't he or his son start the company Quarter Master Brigade in Kennesaw Ga?
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Originally Posted by PASHOOTER View Post
Didn't he or his son start the company Quarter Master Brigade in Kennesaw Ga?
I am pretty sure this was the son. I only talked with him (Mitchell Werbel) one time as i was trying to get info. on the M-73. I have a pic. somewhere of him shooting one using what looks like a kitchen table for the rest. I'm am afraid that too many years have past before trying to run that one down.
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