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spall solutions

There used to be a member here that sold kevlar anti-spall covers for rifle plates. Are they still around?
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Member 009.5 I believe was his handle.
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Use your steel plates for targets on your range and buy a good set of Level 3 ceramic and Kevlar plates for $80 on fleabay. Guy in Miami usually has them on fleabay for that price but just noticed his listing is down which means he is between production runs and laying up more. I test all his new models and experimental models as his landlord flipped when saw the indoor range in a multi-tenant building and made him quit. Everyone of his bargain plates will suck up a minimum of three rounds of 308 and up to five before have a failure. Will send him an email and see when will have more.

If insist on using the steel in addition to Spall shields need backer pads and soft armor behind to reduce injury from backface signature. Have seen many steel plates deform so much had they been on a human the round while stopped would have broken the sternum and ribs then driven the pieces of bone through heart and lungs. Have shot dozens of steel plates and even with spall shields often spall will still spit out from between the plate and shield chewing up the neck, chin and face of my test mannequin.

I use a mannequin which has four inch deep by 12"14" space hollowed out front and back with a router. Fill that void with sculpters clay then after shooting vests and plates can measure how deep the dents in clay are from backface signature and see if falls into safe specifications. Like a lot of US GI plates. First shot really burns wearer up bad and the plate that is clearly marked "do not drop" fails on second shot. If a plate says "do not drop" in bold letters you do not want it any more than a steel plate?

BAM sells a kit with spall shield and backer pad for about $35 singles and $60 per set. Check fleabay.sold a pile of NIJ Level 3 plates this week as now run Level 4 in my kits almost exclusively. Still have some of my better 3++ positive boyancy kits as are so well balanced that in combination with the CO2 cartridge inflatable bladders entire kit even with handgun, radios, IFAK and loaded spare magazines will float. Don't want to have to jettison my entire combat load if fall out of the boat or have to jump in the lake. When surrounded by 55,000 acre lake have to consider an escape & evasion may involve a deep water crossing. Try swimming with steel plates in your carrier plus a combat load or without anything but the plates. May as well have a concrete block tied around your neck.
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