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WTK: Israeli Orlite Pre-Ban Mag Info

Yep I've heard they are garbage by many, but bought a few way way back in the early 90s on the brink of the 1994 hysteria. Anyone familiar with the production codes on these to ease the minds of the nervous buyers here in MA. Were any Orlites actually imported post-ban?

Thanks for any info.
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ratas calientes
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I also purchased quite a few Orlite magazines back in '93 or so. They were cheap. Mine all ran just fine.

Now, to your question. Mine were all well used and definitely pre-ban. I don't know if any were ever imported after the ban. I gave most of them to a nephew.

Have you looked at the mold marks that show production date? Isn't it a pair of numbers in a circle? I recall that it is easy to interpret. I'd have to look around to see if I have any left to see what the mold mark looks like.

What marks do yours have?
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Old September 11, 2019, 18:54   #3
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Might want to sell them to MA residents on gunbroker. I unloaded most of my pre-ban mags there - on average can get $10-$15 ea
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Old September 13, 2019, 03:02   #4
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Every one I have ever seen was cracked along the back.
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Snake Bitten
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I have about 20 of these surplus mags that need to go to a new home. All used, some with numbers/paint on them, are these pre or post ban? Thanks!
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Had a few a long time ago and dont recall ever having any issues myself.
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I bought around 30 in the late 80s, early 90s to replace the crappy GI magazines that always jammed my GAU-5. The orlites worked perfectly and I still have them in my parts stash.
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Originally Posted by Autocrosser1978 View Post
Every one I have ever seen was cracked along the back.
Or the feed lips were worn away to nothing.

I would think if you didnt actually use them, they would last a good long time,,,,
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