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Vortex on bear creek does not look like the one on picture

Someone I know bought one. It does not have that tower on the rear; in fact, it looks more like the one on the top of the table. What is that supposed to control anyway?

Second, it is a BDC one; isn't that calibrated to a given round/caliber?
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RG Coburn
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Judging by the coin-slot in the cap for battery access,and the graduations,I'd guess an illuminator of some sort.
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Old Salt
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The "tower" is indeed a reticle illuminator control, but the description doesn't match as no illumination is claimed nor is there a battery requirement listed.
The same item comes up as a non-illuminated model on a different site.

I think Bear got their pics mixed up.

I think the "C" in BDC stands for compensator, not calibrated. No mention is made of any specific caliber. That's left for you to figure out at the range, I'd guess.
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Looks like seller may have mixed up photos of the product. Vortex site does not show that scope in 3-9x40 with illuminated reticle. Only this one...

A discontinued product maybe? Vortex MSRP on their listed model aligns with the stated MSRP on the Bear Creek site.
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I would avoid a $149 scope on a repeating centerfire rifle even from Vortex and would not even consider that price range in a Nikon. BDC usually means it's calibrated in one cartridge for one weight bullet or two cartridges each in a single weight bullet. Testing a new scope that the BDC is spot on with 77 grain 5.56 and 175 grain 7.62. Its a 1-10x almost $600 retail unit and has depth of field issue from 8x through 10x but that is expected. Always some compromise with small scopes that have wide magnification range. Put it in a $149 scope and check the lense edges at higher powers, depth of field, durability in an extreme use situation and what round its BDC is calibrated for, some have some fudge factor.

Own a lot of Vortex scopes such as the Strike Eagle (under $300), Viper (low as $399), Viper PST or up but would avoid the Crossfire and Diamondback if rifle may be something want a lifetime of use from or to make that low light shot at something important. Burris has some solid models in the $200 to $300 range if read reviews on model your interested in as since they went from all U.S. made to mix of made everywhere have a few that suffer from trying to compete with others sub $200 scopes.

Took me a long time before purchased a Vortex as don't say "Made in USA" then tried the Strike Eagle and realized a usable scope with lifetime warranty for under $300 on sale. Cost Leupold a lot of lost sales on the entry level VX3's. Friends don't let friends buy BSA....
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