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The Colonel 1C16:13
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A funny thing in an un-funny situation

We had to put down a horse today. He was the wife's trail horse, a 23 y/o Arab. He was a damn good one for a long time, but he injured an elbow a few months back that we have battled but will just not heal. At 23, the vet said after new X-rays today, it's time.

Tomorrow we have a guy coming out to do some excavating. His purpose is to help with water drainage away from the horse barn. We have had a tremendous amount of rain here this winter and the continuing water problems have become intolerable.

So the wife calls the excavator and says we want him to bury a horse while he is here tomorrow. The first question out of his mouth was, "did he drown?"

RIP Diablo

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Bawana jim
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Some years ago I worked as a operator for a small local construction company. Boss had friends that were putting their long loved horse down and I was told to go out and dig a hole and then bury the horse after the vet put him to sleep. It was a heart wrenching time for the owners and it was an ugly job to do.

However the vet put the horse down without any pain or suffering with two injections to the neck. Horse just laid down in peace. He then asked the owners to leave wile I got the horse into its grave and covered it.

Told the boss I wouldn't do it again because all the heartbreak is something I won't go through for any price.

Sorry for the loss of your horse and I have seen first hand what it means.
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Old February 13, 2020, 16:30   #3
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Tell your wife I'm sorry for the loss of her horse.

Pretty funny comeback by the excavator though.
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Old February 13, 2020, 17:40   #4
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Sorry to hear about the loss of the horse.

With all this rain I'm thinking it's time to start working on an Ark. It's crazy this year!
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I'm sorry about the horse Mike. My condolences to the Missus and you.
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Sorry for your loss..Iím sure you loved the horse and gave it a long cared for life it would not have gotten in the Wild.

There are a lot of wild horses around the area I live that donít get that kind of treatment and show it in their appearance.
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Old February 13, 2020, 20:37   #7
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Sorry for your loss.~ss
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Old Fart
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Sorry to hear about the horse, Mike. I've had to bury a couple of my own.
When I was pipelining and had my own excavators I buried quite a few for others too. Never charged a cent for that.
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My condolences. Yer horse was lucky to be part of your family.
I intend to enjoy all 120 years of my life. I just need to get that done before I'm 65.
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Old February 13, 2020, 21:46   #10
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In 35 years as an AFA certified Farrier I've surely seen a lot of horses put down and put a lot down, and it never gets any easier.

However sometimes there are rays of sunshine in the form of humor in the darkest moments.
A few years back a customer's daughters beloved pony died and they decided they would sell the unneeded tack.
They called in an ad to the paper to read: "Pony saddle, bridle and blanket, $35.
Well, it went in the paper as " Pony, saddle, bridle and blanket, $35.
Shortly after the paper ran the next day the phone rang and the daughter answered it, the caller said they were responding to the ad and what was wrong with the pony
She said " The pony? Oh, he's dead."
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Let Blondzilla know that I am sorry for her loss
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Old February 13, 2020, 22:27   #12
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Saddened to hear of the loss of your long time family member Mike. Havenít had horses for many years but also had to make the same decision on one occasion. Wasnít easy.

Hope your and Jeri will be able to keep your travel plans to Florida next weekend.
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Old February 14, 2020, 01:34   #13
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My daughters horse is 20 now. Dread that day. He's a big old pretty boy. Lovable as a dog. He came off the track in California, never won a race. He was 4 when she got him. Evidentially race horses make good hunter jumpers. It was my wife and daughters thing.
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Old February 14, 2020, 21:38   #14
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Sorry to hear of your loss.

Last week we decided that we need to put my daughterís first horse down this spring. Itís been a great horse and has helped her learn how to ride. At some point in her life she had been neglected and didnít have her hooves trimmed and now has navicular issues and a stifle on her hind quarter. She has spent the last year being the pasture mate to her new horse. Hasnít been ridden in about a year, but everytime the new horse gets taken to ridding lessons her first horse wants to go. Thereís no quit in the horse even at 29 years old.

Again, sorry for your loss
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un muy viejo gringo
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When all is lost many times humor is the only alternative,,, been there a few times.
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