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Black Blade
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Demand For “Prepper Properties” Is Soaring As More People Seek Refuge

Homesteaders, catastrophists run for the hills to flee U.S. uncertainty


Demand For “Prepper Properties” Is Soaring As More People Seek Refuge From The Nightmare That Is Coming To America
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Trumps' Fault.

I read where several one-percenters ® have already fled to compounds in NZ in fear of the snake flu.

What a state... being uber wealthy and roaming the earth in a constant state of fear, afraid of losing it all.

ETA: 2020 election panic or not, urbanites with means have been buying rural properties as second homes and getaway spots for many, many decades...most of the 20th century, for example.
I think what we see in real estate is due to population increase, along with a higher number of people able to afford the luxury of a rural property, ie; prosperous economic times, overall.
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Many are flocking here to Northern Idaho. In fact the guy quoted in the article has a real estate office barely 5 miles from here.

Having traveled the world, and country for the last 30 years I think like many we just started seeing the demise of the country as we knew it and knew something had to be done for the sake of my kids future.

I liken it to a bad smell when you walk in a room. You notice it right away while the people who have been in the room for ever have grown so accustomed to it they dont even notice it. I found our rights are that smell.

That smell is prevalent in Texas and Az, and its a pure and visible FOG in California.

So we are part of what one would call the political migration. Inspired by books written by James Wesley Rawles and others in the Redoubt movement we packed up, sold off all the frivolous aspects to our life and headed to the farthest part of northern Idaho.
We are not off grid but have the ability to be. Nice little farm away from town, only one neighbor and self sufficient for the most part.

We wouldn't change a thing.

We are seeing more people arrive every month. It is a true exodus. Im glad the media is not accurately portraying how massive the move to this area is.
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