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Bipod Interchangeablility

I need knowledgeable FAL File members to help compile a listing for this subject.
The basic format to follow is are there bipods from other versions of the FAL firearm platform that won't fit on certain different manufacturers of bipod barrels? Example: Belgian to Imbel, SA to Belgian, etc. It's common knowledge that a heavy barrel bipod is not going to work on a standard barrel and vise versa so let's not go there.
And the interchangeability of individual bipod parts. Plungers, springs, screws, attachment mounts, etc.
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As long as it is a in-spec. bi-pod made for the FAL, it should fit any bi-pod cut FAL light barrel.
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Not all metric light barrel bipod parts are interchangeable.

Steyr StG roller/plungers are larger and will not work in the narrow styled FN, Argy legs.

The G1 & BGS bipods look very close except for cosmetic finishing touches but the BGS uses a narrow styled roller/plunger and the G1 uses a solid T plunger. One of those bipods has an additional channel on the inside of the leg....I can't remember if there is a conflict in swapping plunger styles there.

G1 & BGS styled clamshell screws are not long enough to accept the castle nuts seen on Argy, FN and Steyr bipods. Same threads, only shorter. Otherwise interchangeable.

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