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Virginia - Daniel Glade for Senate

Considering the assaults being mounted on our Constitution, and especially both the First and Second Amendments, we have an opportunity this coming November to put a wrench into the leftist machinery by getting off our butts and voting for candidates who agree with us.

We here in Virginia have not enjoyed true representation in the US Senate for years due to two Democrats - Warner and Kaine - who cared more about their party and themselves than us... or the Constitution. Its past time for them both to go!

Daniel Glade, a West Point grad, retired Army Lt.Col., decorated combat wounded having lost a leg to an IED, is now running against Mark Warner. I met the man yesterday and used the opportunity to run a lot of questions past him about issues many of us here on this site have discussed. He'll be getting my vote.

If you Virginians here have Warner currently, take a look at Glade -
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failing to first purge RINO enablers from your conservative party ranks will continue to be a problem for you in dealing with democommie lawlessness.

unless and until you then field pro-freedom/individual liberty, pro-BOR patriots to represent your interests, then you will continue to be subjugated.

republican party of VA District Convention Dates and Filing Deadlines for Delegate candidates are as follows (in chronological order):

10th CD: Convention April 16th – Filing Deadline Jan. 23rd
1st CD: Convention May 7th – Filing Deadline March 1st
3rd CD: Convention May 7th – Filing Deadline February 28th
8th CD: Convention May 7th – Filing Deadline February 12th
5th CD: Convention May 14th – Filing Deadline March 31st
11th CD: Convention May 14th – Filing Deadline March 11th
4th CD: Convention May 21st– Filing Deadline March 18th
6th CD: Convention May 21st – – Filing Deadline February 1st
7th CD: Convention May 21st – Filing Deadline March 1st

The 9th District held their convention on April 9th. A date for the 2nd CD Convention has not been finalized as of this writing.

An additional 13 “at large” delegates will be elected at the Republican Party of Virginia Convention on April 29-30 in Harrisonburg, Va., for a net total of 46.

Amanda Chase: I Want a GOP Primary; If Convention I’ll Run as Independent
calls out RINO enablers, and the corrupt VA state GOP/RINO caucus, and convention fjukery.

"if you cannot trust people with freedom, then how can you trust people with power?" It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.

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