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Nikon out of the rifle scope business

Uhgg...fantastic rimfire scopes. Wonder if it is too many cheap alternatives in a crowded market.

Last Month, many rumors began to surface regarding the Nikon withdrawal from the riflescope business. Claims state that once the current inventory of Nikon riflescope stock is gone, they will not manufacture replacement inventory.

According to numerous reports from retailers and vendors in the American firearms industry, Nikon will be withdrawing from the riflescope business. Nikon purportedly will continue to produce other products from its Sport Optics line including rangefinders, binoculars and spotting scopes.

The first hints that the company would be withdrawing from the riflescope business came via the website Nikon Rumors. In a post published on November, 20th 2019, the website went on to state the following details regarding Nikonís departure from the riflescope business:

This rumor is coming from vendors: Nikon is supposedly slashing production of some of their sport optics product lines. Apparently theyíre being told that all scopes and red dots are discontinued.

I cannot confirm this rumor. Letís see if Nikon will release an official press release.

I reached out to Nikonís marketing team to get a statement on exactly why they are exiting the riflescope market completely. I spoke with their brand strategist and he had just a few short statements about the withdrawal.

First, he was clear to point out that although Nikon is no longer producing riflescopes, the company would still honor any and all active warranties for any of their riflescopes. So if your Nikon scope kicks the bucket and is covered by their warranty policy you can still send it in for repair.

Secondly, he also mentioned that the current inventory that exists and has yet to be sold will be sold as sellthrough items, meaning that Nikon has no plans to remove them from dealerís shelves prematurely Ė this should give anyone who wants one a chance to pick one up.

Lastly, he stated that the plain and simple reason for Nikon leaving the riflescope business is purely a financial one. Sales data is reflecting a net negative for the company in the riflescope market but very positive indications for their other sport optics such as spotting scopes and binoculars.
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I read this a while back and picked up a 3X scope for an AR at a little over $100 - couldn't miss at that price, pardon the pun.
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Bought one a while back to put on my adult son's Xmas gift, a .308 Marlin bolt gun. He hasn't hunted with it,yet, but gets nice comments about how well it shoots when at the range. And having seen my son shoot prior to that, it gotta be the rifle and optic.
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