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Question Rebarreling FN49

Does anyone have information on barreling a FN49 receiver? I'm assuming it's similar to a FAL. Specifically I'm looking for a receiver wrench or pictures of one and barrel torque specs. I won an auction for a Columbian FN49 parts kit with receiver less barrel and stock. Could I modify a FAL barrel and chamber it in 308? Are the thread pitches the same? Google says they were originally in 30-06. I know Argentina rebarreled theirs to 7.62

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Gunplumber on this board has rebarreled a number of FN49s and has (had?) a supply of locking shoulders. There may be several others on the board that might be able to chime in as well.

Numrich lists a number of locking shoulders in stock but the are not listed dimensionally (by width) so it's difficult to know what to order if a new locking shoulder is necessary.

This rifle is NOT like a FAL where there are plenty of instructions and tools available to support a rebarrel - there is no such support for the FN-49.

A FAL barrel is not going to work. Your options for original FN49 barrels are to use a new or used 7.92mm Mauser barrel or a used (sometimes very used) .30-06 barrel (there are no NOS .30-06 barrels available).

There is no convenient way to end up with a 7.62 NATO chambering other than using the old GI insert in a .30-06 chamber. Otherwise, you would need to have a barrel custom-turned.

Used stock sets (listed as for ".30-06") are available although sometimes they are "very used."

Numrich, Sarco, and Apex are the primary parts vendors for FN-49 stuff.

Good luck !

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