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Re-installing The Plastic Buttplate On A Regular Fixed G3 Stock?

Trying to install the regular plastic buttpad/buttplate on a fixed green G3 buttstock....

It is my understanding the only thing that attaches the buttplate to the stock are the spring clips on the buttplate that grab onto the two rails inside the stock (these are the rails that form the grommet holes on the exterior of the stock--the ones that hold the buttstock pushpins while one does maintenance on the rifle).

My question is, am I supposed to be able to push/force the springs of the buttplate onto the rails inside the buttstock by hand, or am I going to need a vise of some sort and a mallet? It seems to be a pretty tight fit.

(Also BTW the only reason I'm trying to go this route instead of simply doing a full swap with one of the $10 complete buttstock assemblies out there is that I'm trying to switch the furniture on the rifle to the tropical green color as opposed to the OD green color it has now).
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Never tried separating stock from rear plate but finding out that a long screw held the stock/buffer to the plate was a BIG help in getting it all apart to put on
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The butt plate just snaps on, takes some effort. Align the pad like you have been then place the butt pad on the floor. Put your weight on the stock and shove. Should snap right back on.
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do it at a slight angle so you aren't pushing against both spring clips at the same time, but one slightly before the other.
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Old February 01, 2020, 19:23   #5
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Inset the receiver retaining pins into the buttstock holes while installing the buttpad. This helps to keep from damaging the retaining tubes in the buttstock if the buttpad clamps are very tight.
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I've had good results with a rubber mallet, one sharp whack does the trick.
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