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Flash Eliminator positioning washer

What is the purpose for the flash eliminator positioning washer? How does it work?
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It acts somewhat like the crush washer on a AR barrel, so you can time the hider to TDC, only it doesn't "crush". It just helps to protect the muzzle, providing the hider isn't over tightened like the Imbels are.
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There is a gauge for L1A1s because over tightening (and compressing muzzle) was thing. It used to be sizes 1-12 and 15-30 degrees short of BDC. Then when too many rifles were over tightened causing a constriction at the muzzle, they came out with additional sizes 1A to 11A, splitting the difference. Now it is 15 degrees short of BDC.

After installation, a (.297"?) gauge must pass
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Is he asking about the crush washer or the FH retaining ring with pin? If it is the retaining ring, it fits into a cutout in the barrel and holds the flash hider in place by keeping from rotating loose while firing.
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Flasher hider positioning washer

I was asking about the washer that goes inside of the flasher hider. Thanks guys for the answer.
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