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.22LR/.Mag Combos: Taurus 992 Tracker?

I've been looking for a .22 LR/.mag combo revolver to shoot everything from Colibri for pest control to enjoy some plinking with the nephews. I was looking at the Taurus 992 in stainless. Anyone have one or are there better options?

Saw this review:

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Im amazed by the accuracy he had.
My only experience with 22lr/mag convertibles was years ago with a pair of single sixes.
They didnt have nice target sights, but off a rest they produced groups more like 3-4 times that size.
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Old October 05, 2018, 19:50   #3
Timber Wolf
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Friends don't let friends buy Taurus. In actual practice, I do not shoot my .22 Magnum handguns (or .22 Mag. rifle for that matter). I do however shoot my .22 LR revolvers and semi-auto pistols though, kinda a lot. I wonder if Stingers, Yellow Jackets, or other Super Hi-Velocity .22 LR ammo would not be sufficient out of a (relatively) short barrel on a handgun.
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Old October 10, 2018, 14:11   #4
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I had a Taurus 941 Tracker in .22WMR...couldn't get rid of it fast enough!

Traded it for a mint FEG P9RK and a NOS Ciener 92FS .22 conversion kit. The person I traded with was laughing as he thought I got the short end of the deal.


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Old October 11, 2018, 07:35   #5
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I have several 22LR/22Mag combo revolvers ala Ruger Super Single Six's. Adjustable sights and Pre 73's of course.

While it seems like a good idea at the time, in practice 22 LR's and 22 Mags don't have the same POI, at least mine don't.
I leave one Ruger set up with the Mag cylinder and others for 22LR only.

While I like the 22 Mag cartridge, it is an expensive "plinker" and doesn't get much use. It costs as much to shoot 22 Mag as a 9MM Luger.

Like the others above, I'm also done with firearms made south of the Rio Grande.
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Love the single six with dual cylinders.

Taurus guns scare me.

That said, I do not remember shooting 22 mag out of it, it has been that long. Not much a 22 mag will do that either a 22 or 9mm can't handle.
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