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Fast Form 1's???

So I jumped at a suppressor deal a few months ago, one for .45 pistols and the other for my M92 AK. Of course I have to SBR the AK and filled out the paperwork and sent it in mid July. (And DD'ing my 37mm launcher)

I put a 3 instead of an 8 in my credit card number so my forms got sent back to me late August, September was busy with school, but I sent both Form 1 packages on the 27th of September. They got there Monday and my credit card got charged for both tax stamps on the 4th of October.

Does this seem unusually fast to anyone? I think I need to go buy a lottery ticket!!!

I'll keep this post updated on the progress!
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Old October 11, 2018, 21:21   #2
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I kind of remember that the checks were cashed in no-time. From there it was over a year before I got my stamps. I hope they got their act together now.
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They take the money immediately. Your wait just started
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Old October 11, 2018, 21:44   #4
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Yup, you pay and wait.... :impat ient:
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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke
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Old October 12, 2018, 09:06   #5
John A
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Sounds like your wait just started.

They always cash the payment as soon as they get the forms. Then the paperwork goes to the bottom of the pile and waits until someone reaches in and grabs it.

FWIW, the workload for the examiners is not always equal. They used to assigned in alphabetical order. At other times, they have broken it up and an examiner be assigned all transfers in a particular state.

I have submitted forms exactly the same day as a buddy of mine (we drove to the PO together). I got my approved form back 6 weeks before he did being another example.
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Sent in three forms on same day once and was four months from when first came back and third with all taking almost or just over a year. This was in the big rush to get forms in before Trust laws changed and set three just days before the deadline as had to do some creative moving of cash to pay for three cans and forms same day without wife asking too many questions didn't have good answers for. Things like "how many do we already have and do we really need more?" Of course you can never have too many or even enough. Getting to where I dislike moving cans so it's easier to just send in another form for each new dedicated suppressor gun.
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