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9mm IWI BDE and .45 frames the same width?

OK Boys need a hand with something... I have a .45 IWI BDE with the hammer-drop safety, have opportunity to buy a 9mm top end. I know that for at least part of the production cycle Tanfoglio was producing all the parts, sending them to Israel who assembled the parts and called them "made in Israel." What I am unsure of is if, like Tanfoglio/EAA did with the Witness where they all went to the large frame, the BDEs did something similar. An easy check would be if one of you fine gents has a 9mm and could measure the frame width for me That would tell the tale. My guess is they continued to use 2 frame sizes, but if a 9mm top end will work for me like it does on my Witness then I think I'll grab it. Just be aware that the frame-mounted safety versions probably don't help. I need the ones with the hammer-drop slide mounted safety.

Thanks in Advance!
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