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FN Minimi-Based Goodies

I know that the Minimi/M249 is well known obviously, as are the Mk46 and Mk48 US SOCOM versions.

But here's some stuff that I've found interesting.

Here's FN America's press piece about the Mk48 Model 2 in 7.62mm NATO and 6.5mm Creedmoor:

As shown in the photo, it's basically a Minimi 7.62mm Mk3 built to Mk48 standards or rather a Mk48 upgraded to Mk3 standards (which the Mk48 already had most of the parts needed aside from the fore-end and buttstock, and the Mk46/48 had the dual prawl feed that allowed for one handed reloading).

One thing that I've found odd, though, is that on FN's European/main website that they don't have the Minimi 7.62 listed as having the 19.8 inch barrel that the Mk48 uses (though other sources have listed it as having the longer barrel, such as the British Army's website), but only the 16.6 barrel.

And for the hell of it, since I haven't posted a ton of gun stuff very recently, here's the 5.56mm Minimi Para and 7.62mm Minimi in action:

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Ned Flanders
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I want that buttstock and handguard.
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