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Black Blade
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Federal court finds for worker fired by company after keeping gun in vehicle

Federal court finds for worker fired by company after keeping gun in vehicle

A federal appeals court last week sided with a power company worker who had been terminated after a gun was found in his personal vehicle at work.

In 2016, long-time Ameren Illinois company employee Bryan Knox consented to a search of his vehicle in a company lot that yielded a firearm. Terminated under Amerenís Workplace Violence policy, his union appealed the firing and an arbitrator determined that he had been wrongfully dismissed because of protections offered by state law for guns in personal vehicles. While a District Court overturned the arbitration results after Ameren went to court on the matter, a panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit said last Friday that the law was, in fact, on Knoxís side.
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Yeah, I've wondered about that many times. Most of the chemical plants here don't allow them inside the restricted area gates. Though these plants are one of the few exceptions. They are allowed in a parking lot outside the restricted area, though.
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I work for a power company, policy is "leave them out of sight in a locked vehicle".

But do not try and take it into the nuclear plant, getting fired will be the least of your problems..
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I wonder what the result would have been had he not consented to a search. What prompted the search to begin with? Maybe a co-worker with a grudge?

I have a friend with an air monitoring business who also is banned from bringing firearms in many of the facilities he contracts with. If he does and is discovered he will loose his contract and never work for that company ever again.
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V guy
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The assholes have been at it for sometime.

I used to shoot trap after work.

I believe they instituted the rule because of me, after the faggot transgender rules were instituted, and we could no longer call Frank by his name, but only as Sheila. It was my snort that did it.

Never had my car searched. I would leave the gun in the club safe on the way in, as I was treasurer. I WAS baiting them with a cover over something long, in the back seat.

I was hoping for the bastards to come and search, but they never did.
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