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Kit Build Parts ID help

I've had a Imbel on Coonan Type 3 FAL for a little while and have had a bear of a time getting it to cycle. I've posted a few times about the gun in the past and run through a number of possible fixes from recoil springs, gas plug, and just about every other fix people could suggest.

I had the opportunity to meet with a great guy at my club who has a ton of experience with FALs to take a look at what the problem might be. We tore the gun down and he checked the gas block, headspacing, gas plug, and heavily lubed the gun. Still, the gun fires, cycles barley just enough to reset the trigger, but no ejection. So he has offered to take a peek at it at his office sometime where he can get the right tools to get a better read on what is happening.

When I told him that this gun was built on an Imbel parts kit he didn't think that the parts were Imbel. I had bought this kit over 10 years ago from someone advertising the kit as an unissued Imbel kit. The parts all appeared to have the same finish and went together easily. However, he saw parts on the gun that he thought were made by different manufactures. So in order to pick up a spare gas plug or other parts, I'd like to know what I have. I just have a few questions:

1) Is this an Imbel kit, a parts kit from a different manufacturer or a number of parts from different manufacturers?

2) The person looked at the muzzle brake kind of funny and pointed out an issue with the condition of it. I took a close up of it to ID it and to get an opinon if this is something normal or should I replace it.

Let me know if additional pictures would help:



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