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V guy
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Iwo Jima Flag Raisers Again

Well, another correction has had to be made.

3 years ago, it was learned that Navy Corpsman James Bradley, of the book, "Flags of our Fathers" was incorrectly identified as a flag raiser. It was Harold Schultz who was actually the Marine mis-identifed as Bradley.

Now a second flag raiser, Rene Gagnon, has been decertified too, and Harold "Pie" Keller was actually in the spot that Gagnon was identified as occupying.

Bradley and Gagnon must have known that they were not the flag raisers in the famous 2nd flag raising, but WERE in the FIRST flag raising.

Bradley was in the hospital, when dragged out and forced to go on the bond tours in '45, with survivors Ira Hayes and Gagnon.

Gagnon did not complain and embraced his role, but Bradley shut up about it and never spoke of it all. The rest of the other flag raisers had died, and the two surviving Harolds--Schultz and Keller also shut up, and let the others have the glory, even though it was wrong.

History has a way about the truth.

Bradley was a stoic Funeral Director, and never took credit, except when they forced him to during the bond tours, and later on at the Iwo Jima, Marine Corp Memorial dedication IN 1954.

The Marine Corps was desperate to know who raised the flag, and get them out on a bond tour in '45.

Gagnon was unable to profit off the flag raising at all.

Ira Hayes died of alcoholism.

All of them really died on Iwo, but survived to bear the truth until death.
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Just going thru that meat grinder Iwo make them hero's as far as I'm concerned
"I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them." The Duke
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un muy viejo gringo
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Truth has always been inconvenient for Public Affairs officers,,, they just shine brass,,, after they pull it out of the latrine,,, it's probably a less than perfect wprld.
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Originally Posted by MACV View Post
Just going thru that meat grinder Iwo make them hero's as far as I'm concerned

really if someone is willing to wear any uniform for our country, they will have my thanks and gratitude.

For what its worth on the corrections and such.

No one has any idea on what was said between those that knew and those trying to boost moral and support back then.
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Originally Posted by V guy View Post

All of them really died on Iwo, but survived to bear the truth until death.
This I can agree with . Of the handful of USMC veterans I knew in my life that spent time there in the thick of it...they were changed reticent men. The stories they would divulge ..experiances that made them... because they did not shatter , would in these times break men easily.
People whom have not spoken intimately with men whom served in pitched battle(s) like Guadalcanal , Okinawa , Iwo Jima , Stalingrad , The Bulge..... take too much of the propaganda like writings of fake historians as gospel. The real human side is to hear these mean tell the fears , the highs and lows of what they experienced. The chest thumping rambos were fake then as they are now. A small example is a man I grew up next to in NJ. Goerge Decher tried to join the marines in 1943. He was underweight....small thing to do with living on a starvation diet due to the great depression. He was advised to spend what little money he had on beer and bananas to be able to make the grade the next day. He did so. He served on Siapan and on Okinawa. He always joked about the framed letter on the wall to his mother stating he was MIA on Okinawa. He came back from the dead at a hospital in Pearl harbor a fortnight later. He always joked about being in a jeep that ran over a mine to explain the plate in his head. He did show the gouge in his arm and elbow from a bullet he earned on saipan. At his funeral I saw George sported a silver star upon his chest. I then learned from his brother he had earned a silver star for his actions on Okinawa. The dear old codger never said a word in the many years I knew him about that day. His brother said to me George told him his arm got shot up again and he was blowing bunkers and figured what the hell it's a good time to go..... and charged on blowing up jap positions and using his good arm to shoot any japs that emerged after he blew them up...until he got hit in the head and left for dead.
A lost generation for sure.
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1) Culture builds upon the past
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All hail lord IMPOTUS and Darth Biden All hail.
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