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Originally Posted by Timber Wolf View Post
I had enough gas for several weeks, although I would have ran out of non-ethanol and had to use "regular" gas.
not a problem. i ran my Honda 2200 for three days at my Mother's house on E mix. when the power came back i changed the oil, drained the gas and filled it with stabilized E free. running E mix is not the issue, letting it sit in the carb is the problem. i'm going to convert my other two Mistsubishi units to LP and be done with the gasoline issue on the not so portable portables. propane keeps forever, larger storage capacity and is multi tasking. on another note, try to change the oil every forty hours if you can and stick to what the mfg recommends. probably 30 HD. i use Rotella diesel rated 30 for the zinc content.
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Converted a couple of my generators to run off gasoline, propane and natural gas. Good kits to do the conversion are about a hundred bucks. Retains ability to run off liquid fuel or propane in emergency but tied into natural gas as long as that grid is up (never lost my natural gas in 30 years of using). Takes five minutes or less to swap from natural to propane and under a minute to go back to gasoline. Make sure to drain carburetor and then lubricate seals. Leave a carb dry too long and the seals/o-rings will be cracked or shrunk and cracked.

Mine runs off natural, if were an interruption would pour in fresh gas and put online fast till had time to hook up the propane. Have a 100 pound and a few 25 pound propane tanks in generator she'd without tapping big tank. Have the big three phase twin cylinder military diesel and two 2000 watt inverter generators in garage. A tank of gasoline, a tank of diesel and tank of propane ensures can keep something going a long time. Have a system to vent exhaust for the two inverter generators in garage to exhaust out back of house in discrete location. If need to run silent and keep head low can use without going outside to keep big units serviced or have their noise and exhaust giving us up.

Have a dual fuel heat pump HVAC which can run in heat pump mode, supplimental heat comes from natural gas with is 94.something efficient so venting is a pump to remove water that collects from vapor in gas supply. If gas grid goes down have a propane conversion kit and takes under an hour to convert over to propane. Have fireplace if gets that bad, about to add wood stove and three new window unit A/C units in their box in basement if big unit totally fried. Add battery stacks with inverters and can run silent on battery for enough time. I want power and to be reasonably comfortable temp if possible. Heat set at 50 winter, A/C set at 80 during summer and can peddle along a full calander year while contemplate where to get more fuel of some sort.

The ability to burn gasoline, diesel, natural gas and propane for all needs is huge. Add in the small amount of solar, wind and hydro will fare better than most. Just have to finish the new fence. Am close to getting all my materials which has been tough as entire front of property line at road will be steel. Then can maybe keep my stuff, till then electricity at top of chain link will have to keep folks from coming over the line. Remember, people in really dire situations hear a generator running and will come look to improve their situation. Both my generator shacks have fire proof/sound dampening insulation. Can't hear if not on my property except for one neighbor who will be helping anyway.
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