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Best fixed choke for all-purpose shotgun?

Slugs, wingshooting and buck - what choke would you think is the best for a fixed choke 12-Gauge to use as an all-rounder?
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The Colonel 1C16:13
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Modified would be the answer with the possible exception of slugs. A slug barrel with sights is only a hundred bucks to fix that.
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Modified. Slugs are fine
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K. Funk
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Improved Cylinder would be an OK all purpose. I would not go any tighter than Modified with slugs.

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Rottweil Brenneke clasic style slugs can be used in any choke boring barrel.
Their often used in drillings and other such types with full or extra full chokes.
Why/how their different from other type slugs, Im not sure, but its what they were originally designed for.
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I use a lot of slugs and usually run them through an improved cylinder if using a smoothbore. Have a 12 gauge with a rifled slug barrel but have found some rifled slugs, especially rifled sabot slugs that shoot pretty consistent in a smoothbore. Bet I have over a thousand Brenneke slugs in the 12 gauge ammo locker of over a dozen different designs. Recently got several boxes of their new Topas Low Recoil Sabot Slugs.

Have a metric ton of their Knock Out Slugs along with a significant supply of their Black Magic Magnum Slugs. Also have the Technical Knock Out Sabot Slugs, Magnum Crush, Close Encounter and Green Lightning for hunting medium/large game. Also from their L.E.O. line have a good supply of Brenneke Anti-Terror Slugs, Tactical Home Defense, Special Forces Short Slugs and Special Forces Maximum Barrier Penetration Magnum Slugs along with others.

Have a lot of BRI Copper Solid Sabot Slugs, Winchester PDX1 Buck and Ball which has a one ounce slug and several pellets of 00 Buckshot in each shell. From Blammo to whoever if it's been made in a 12 gauge round probably have some if not a lot. Like the Aguila 2 1/4" short slugs and short buckshot shells if see any new or exotic slug for scatter guns I buy them and if test well buy all I can as almost half of my favorites are no longer in production. Recently got some of the PPSH slugs from Russia, OATH Pre-Fragmented Expanding copper solids, Heliox32's and likely own more of the now discontinued Remington 2×4 and 2×6 Duplex Shells than anyone on planet earth.

For defensive long gun work I was a pure scatter gun guy for decades before the carry of an AR 15 was as common, especially driving across country. Have three 18 1/2" pumps and an 18 1/2" repeater but all were back bored and threaded for removable chokes after being chopped. Have at least three full length Browning A5's with +5 to +9 extended capacity magazine tubes. Have a Benelli tactical shotgun with one of the XRAIL 25+1 rotary magazine tubes. A Benelli M4 with 26 rounds on board is a monster of a house sweeper. Can't believe how the ATF treated the Street Sweeper but have not even blinked at the XRAIL kits marketed by Roth now.

In my defensive scatter guns generally have an I.C. choke installed but on my overt armor kit setup for use with my scatter guns have an accessory pouch with a rifled choke, full choke and turkey choke. If your plan is to shoot slugs I would have a rifled choke in my smoothbore as will close 100 yard group sizes by 50% or more. Due to loaded weight and just the cost of a fully decked out Benelli with XRAIL, set of interchangeable chokes and an upgraded sighting system is pushing a $3,000 bill so mine usually sits in the vault and if need more capacity than my 18 1/2" tactical shotguns usually with a +3 or +4 extended tube always have the Browning A5 with +9 tube in the rack bolted to wall next to the headboard of bed.

Have gone out to play with scatter guns and test different flavors of exotic and premium shells and discovered when counting empty boxes have burned through 500 dollars in specialty slugs in a single session. I go goofy over slugs and am always looking for the next new design and buy enough to test and put back in case it's another design that's only on the market for a single season. The big A5 next to my bed is currently loaded with a mix of Brenneke Knock Outs and Flechette Shells. Even if someone is wearing armor the blunt force trauma from a Brenneke Slug will impart enough back face signature to their kit it will break bones and bust organs, especially the Black Magics. If their wearing armor the Flechette Shell behind the Brenneke will not even notice Kevlar any more than the needles used to sew the panels up.

Wish it was not raining the next three days or would be loading the truck with shotgun shells right now and pulling a couple of scatter guns to take to the range as just talking about them makes me giggle as I think about the energy they exert at most civilian defensive situation ranges.
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Originally Posted by yovinny View Post
Rottweil Brenneke clasic style slugs can be used in any choke boring barrel.
Also pleasingly accurate.
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John A
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12 gauge with modified choke in a 28" or 30" barrel works for me.
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Forgot to mention that while the traditional Brenneke (pronounced Bren-e-ka in German as told to me) are safe for IC choke smooth bores some of their slugs such as the Black Magic and Magnum Crush state specifically on the box are for rifled slug guns only. This is not because of accuracy issues but pressure issues. They can KaBoom a well trusted reliable old smooth bore, especially many of the "bargain priced" break action single shots. I have shot them in some of my semi-auto smooth bore riot shotguns with rifled chokes but are very modern beefy scatter guns with steel receivers and the unlocking of bolt with immediate rearward movement using the higher pressure shells have proved safe in two of my smooth bore riots.

I would not use them in my Winchester Ranger series pumps due to aluminum receivers nor have I run any of the "rifled barrel only" slugs through my vintage Browning/FN A5 shotguns but have used in a modern version Browning A5 smooth bore with a vest, helmet/face mask and good heavy tactical gloves in case my guestimate calculations were off. My modern A5 is a 3.5" magnum and what many don't know is the new A5s are overbored to 0.740 inches compared to the nominal 0.725 inches of traditional 12 gauge bores. I was 99.999% sure it would handle the Brenneke Black Magic and Magnum Crush rounds.

Over the years many people have purchased super high power specialty shells from companies like Blammo, Slap Shot, Firequest, Wolf Hill, American Specialty, MK Ballistic Systems (famous for their anti-material shells & others, if have any sell $20 per round as collector ammo now), Sabot Designs, Frag 12, Phoenix Rising, U.S. AmmoZone, Exotic Products and many more to discover their grandfather's Harrington & Richardson single shot break action becomes a bomb when squeeze the trigger as read the hype, not the instructions.

Have been an ammo collector as well as firearms collector with a very soft spot for scatter guns and specialty ammo. Three of the companies named above are essentially the same people who have had to fold and reorganize under new corporate umbrella due to lawsuits. Not only do I buy pretty much some to a lot of every new specialty shells (still holding out on the new RIP shotgun shells as their RIP handgun ammo is total gimmick and $10 per shell) I also home brew some very odd shells dream up nights have trouble sleeping. For many years would duct tape a scatter gun to a truck tire and pull trigger with a long string from behind cover to test commercial and homebrew exotic shells. Learned that inexpensive pawn shop break actions would KaBoom if didn't read the box.

Now I have an older Mossberg semiauto with steel receiver and heavier than average wall thickness smooth bore barrel which had backbored for screw in chokes. It gets clamped into my oldest Lead Sled and trigger pulled from cover using string to this day with some shells that do not appear to be safe but more of a sales gimmick some hillbilly like myself made in the basement and starter selling with advertising touting 50 BMG performance but inadequate warnings and testing for other ignorant hillbillies. Just go to uTube and enter "gun explosions" or "gun accident compliations" into the search bar. Almost every compilation video will have people blowing up shotguns which I believe many are using shells with warnings saying for "rifled slug guns only".

Videos also have the obligatory IPSC/IDPA screw ups. Last week watched a man showing off his fast draw skills shoot himself in thigh, another in his foot along with 11 year old girl killing her stupid instructor at a machine gun rental range with an uzi. Oddly the last time I used an indoor range and why built my own at work a kid in late teens had brought a bunch of high school girls who had never shot, was in far left lane and I had student in far right lane. Employees had made comment about me putting a plate carrier on my student along with myself (had covert soft ammo as well on myself) then after punk with dad's select fire AK, uzi and MP5 handed the uzi to one of the girls whose first round went basically in correct direction but rest of magazine went in wide arc taking out several light fixtures at apex in center of range and last two rounds hit wall in front of my student and I.

Crazy thing is they came in, talked to kid who said to send him a bill for all damages and his dad would pay then asked for 500 more rounds of 9mm which they promptly brought him. Took my student out, as we were removing plate carriers because it was summer and their range A/C was not cooling well and we're both soaked with sweat asked why they let him and the girls keep shooting. Anewer was his dad and he came in at least twice a week, paid full day range fee for everyone with them and bought all the ammo for their select fire weapons in-house. Was only the second such incident, paid for damage first time and nobody was hurt either time. They folded in about six months.

Just wanted to caveat some of the ammo named in my last post and why. Have discovered Remington 2×4 & 2×6 Duplex, Winchester PDX 1 Buck & Ball along with PDX1 Pre-Fragmented slugs are as much as most people need for defense and are safe in all modern shotguns. I still use/test a wide variety of specialty shells from no name new companies but treat it all with respect and read the box carefully.
A time will come when people will not listen to accurate teachings. Instead, they will follow their own desires and surround themselves with teachers who tell them what they want to hear. 2 Timothy 4:3 G.W.T.
"If it is worth doing's worth doing it a few more times to get it right." Stimpsonjcat
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Either IC or Mod will work just fine.
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