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CZ82 Grip Screws Back Out

Bastard grip screws on my CZ82 back out cause of the recoil. Can anyone help me fix this problem? I was thinking an o-ring or loctite as a last resort.
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Nothing wrong with using Blue Loctite on the screw.
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Yup. Loctite is your friend.
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On some problematic screws that walk out but still need to come out I like to put a dot of red locative on the threads and let it dry not mated yet.

After it is set I screw the parts together. Enough drag to keep it from walking out. I picked this up from my Colt Hbar with the screw type pivot pin. Not sure if it was factory or the prior owner but it is a trick I use.
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At least the plastic ones don't do this.. These grips broke about 5 years ago after a couple of mags. My buddy Jeff repaired them for me and all be damn if they didn't snap again the other day after 4 rounds.
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