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Timber Wolf
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Eagle Industries "Multi-Grenade Pouch"

Bought a couple of these as USMC surplus off fleabay to use as a cell phone/utility pouch on some gear I am playing with setting up. Discovered they hold a FAL/L1A1 mag just fine, and a C-Products AR10 mag just as well. A Magpul 20 round 7.62X51 mag fit but the cover did not lap as far on the Velcro but was OK. Two 20 round AR15 mags fit well with the flap closed but not an AR 30 or AK47/74 mag. Hell for stout USGI surplus Coyote Molle pouches I paid around $15 delivered for those two and just ordered a few more just because. I don't have any grenades to try for size, nor do I have any of the rifles that fit the aforementioned magazines.
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Uneducated NYC Boy
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Eagle is a great company, owned by a great American that makes all their stuff in the USA by Americans.

Nothing like black hart,,who copys eagles designs and produces them in viet nam or indian sweat shops.
To say nothing about being flat out busted sewing usa lables over the foreign made ones some years ago.
Black hawk will never get a cent of my $$,,,FOR ANYTHING,,,,EVER.
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Surplus gear from Eagle, Tactical Tailor, London Bridge ect. have made for some exceptional buys recently, a lot of NOS items popping up on eBay as well, including plate carriers and chest rigs...
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