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fn ellis
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Interesting Mauser

I recently acquired an interesting Mauser that was manufactured in the Erfurt factory. What makes this Mauser interesting, is the fact that it has Erfurt marked over and over again on the top of the receiver where a crest would normally go. I am at a loss, the stock has some type of crest of the butt however it's unidentifiable. Even stranger, the butt stock also has some type of Chinese or Japaneses writing in orange paint.The rifle has no dates and no model number. Unfortunately the bolt and upper hand guard did not come with the rifle and the barrel is a sewer pipe. The rifle is never going to fire again but I would like to find out what it is and if I can replace the missing parts so it can be a nice wall hanger. Any ideas anyone
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A picture or two would go a long way in helping us tell you about it.

Just saying.

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Sounds like what you have is one of the many and myriad of pre ww2 Chinese knockoffs of anything mauser. In the 20's through the 40's many Chinese warlords created "armories" and produced copies of various mausers for their private armies. The quality and fit of these was crap...and the markings seriously funny !!!. Bad English to just some weird crazy stampings out of left field. Seen some copies of Standard modell's that have some laughable misspellings of 'mauser and 'germany' etc etc. I really don't know too many people that collect such oddities. Noel Schott had a bunch of them back in the day...and one of the guys at Banzai had a fetish for them years ago. Sometimes the Chinese inscriptions in the wood are neat. One found I recall was marked as a presentation to a soldier for his marksmanship and prowess in fighting nationalists. So many of these flooded in back in the late 80's early 90's from boat anchor to maybe safe to fire conditions...most missing parts and all seemed to have been stored outside...much like the broomhandles the Chinese sent over here at the same time.
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fn ellis
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I think your right, it looks like its been cut and welded in many places. Its defiantly a interesting piece of firearms history.
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