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Bad Luck with DS Arms

I'll have to split this in to at least two posts. Sorry in advance for being long-winded.

Let me start off by saying this: I'm not writing this to flame DSA. I'm writing this to inform community members of my experience, so they can make an informed decision when looking at DSA as a potential place to purchase firearms/accessories. Having said that, I probably would not have posted this if DSA had rectified my problem in a reasonable amount of time, communicated with me and provided me with a level of customer service that was worth a hoot, considering my particular issues.

I ordered a SA58 18" FAL at the beginning of February from CTD. When I opened the package with my new $1500 dollar rifle in it, I noticed two fit and finish issues right off the bat: the dust cover had some pitting in it and it was also marred where it butts up against the top of the receiver. I let these slide because the dust cover is a cheap part and it wasn't going to impede function.

I also ordered 3 DSA 20rd mags. To my disbelief, they wouldn't even lock in. Upon further inspection the two-piece ejector was out of spec causing the ejector to not sit flush with the rear magwell (ejector block), creating a lip that prevented the DSA mag from locking in. I've inspected about 4 other FALs, both 1 piece ejectors and 2 piece. NONE of them had ejectors that were protruding like mine. Israeli GI mags locked in fine as well as some other milsurp mags I had laying around, but not the mags made by the same people that made my FAL. I ended up using a swiss file and a dremel to get the ejector as flush as I could with the ejector block without removing it. The DSA mags then locked in, but they were so tight, I'd never use them for anything but a range mag. At this point I was starting to have a bit of buyer's remorse.

Now on to the cocking handle lug roll pin. After firing the first 60 rounds through the weapon, when I sat down to clean it, I noticed the cocking handle lug roll pin had walked over halfway out. I took a toothpick and was able to completely remove it. It appeared that instead of using a roll pin punch, someone had just smashed the roll pin until it went in.So, I sat that roll pin aside and used an old trick my Dad taught me... I was able to use a piece of 5/64 drill bit (the solid, non-threaded part) and it didn't walk at all after 60 more rounds through the weapon.

Now for the death blow... I received my DSA extended safety selector and did the install myself. Took about 2 minutes, fit great, seemed to work fine when function testing on an unloaded weapon... So, I then went out to the range with several full 20rd mags. First mag - everything performed flawlessly and I was happy. Second mag - the 12th, 13th and 14th rounds burst fired on a single trigger pull. The 15th round fired normally, then the 16th and 17th rounds burst fired on a single trigger pull. At this point I dropped the mag and cleared the weapon for fear of getting kicked from the range. Was this due to the safety selector or just coincidence, I dunno??
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