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Daewoo Buttstocks

I have one of the fantastic reproduction Daewoo pistol grips sold by our fellow board member......but has anyone ever looked into making a reproduction of the original Daewoo K2 buttstocks? It seems like the plastic portion could be injection molded where it could then be either attached to a Stormwerkz folding stock adapter or moded to a fixed bracket for attachment to the DR-200 ban era guns.

I would just like the original lines restored to my rifle, even though a repro K2 stock would swing out left instead of to the right on my rifle. If it has been addressed in the past sorry to cover old ground.


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I've thought about trying to adapt the spare K2 stock that I have to my DR-200, but the problem is that the K2 lower receiver and the DR-200 lower receiver rear ends are totally different - the K2/AR-100 lower receiver has the locking lug for the stock built into the forging whereas the DR-200 lower has it milled away for the god-awful Clinton-era Hillary hole thumbhole stock.

So far the easiest way to adapt a DR-200 to a folding stock is to use a Stormwerkz or ACE folding stock adapter. One day I will try to fabricate a locking adapter for the DR-200 so it will fit the K2 folding stock that I have but I've got far too many other things going on to focus on that at the moment.
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