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Thanks for bringing this thread back, Martin. A most appropriate day, Memorial Day 2009. Here are some of my veterans:


William S. Lone served in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific during WWII as a Sea-Bee (Construction Battalion) rank of seaman. He hardly ever spoke about any of the ugly things he saw, but fondly recalled the good, lifelong friends he made and some of their attempts to remain positive. Bill outlived all of those friends and their spouses.

He was my Dad and died July 25, 2008, at the age of 92, from causes incident to age. I cannot speak of how much I miss him.


Robert Lone served in the U.S. Navy aboard the heavy cruiser Pensacola, which participated in more battles than any other American warship in WWII. Uncle Bob was a radio operator/observer/gunner flying in the back seat of a Chance Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher, a floatplane of which the Pensacola usually carried two. The Kingfishers were catapulted off of the rear of the ship, did artillery spotting, watched for submarines and rescued the occasional downed sailor or airman. Then, they landed on the sea near the ship and, if all went well, assisted in rigging a crane or hoist from the rear of the ship to bring the lightweight, 2-place airplane back on board.

Uncle Bob was my dad's only brother, and was a couple years younger. He died about 1974 near Colorado Springs, from a heart attack.


Rudolph "Huke" Miller, born in Salt Lake City on August 12, 1923. He fought as an infantryman in the U.S. Army in North Africa and then France, Belgium and into Germany, landing in France a few weeks after D-Day. Huke was a big, strong man and was issued a Browning Automatic rifle. His 63rd Infantry Division often separated into battalions to be attached to and fight with other divisions. During the funeral and burial, and then at a meal served at the church, his old combat comrads told us about Uncle Huke and his BAR chewing through the cover and concealment and then through the German soldiers hiding behind them. His unit fought hard and effectively but lost lots of casualties. When the Germans were defeated, he became an MP, trying to keep some order in the chaos. He was shipped home from Germany and discharged in late 1945.

Uncle Huke met and married my mother's sister. They had no children of their own but were second parents to the squads of cousins their sibblings produced. The family was very social with Gramps, his stepwife, and his five children, each marrying and having 4 or 5 kids within a 10 year span. We lived close together and most of us cousins went to the same elementary, junior and high shools together.

After a life cut short by cancer, Rudy died February 14, 1991. I still smile when I think of him, and sometimes I wear his Stetson hat.


Their wives should be recognized as veterans for the work they did in keeping their men supplied with the implements of war. Uncle Huke's future wife, Aunt (Helen) Laurel (Bush), spent 1942 to 1945 working for Douglas Aircraft at their Santa Monica and El Segundo factories, doing administerial and clerical work to build DC-3/C-47/R4D and C-54 transports and Dauntless and Invader bombers. Aunt Laurel's college sweetheart, an artilleryman from his ROTC college days, was called up and sent to the Philipines late in 1941. He fought and was driven down into Bataan, where he and what was left of his artillery unit, now fighting as infantrymen, were captured. He endured the Death March. He then survived several years of forced, cruel labor before being loaded into unmarked Japanese 'cattle ships' to be transported to Formosa, Korea and Japan to be used as slave labor in the mines and mills. Laurel's boyfriend didn't make it; his unmarked prisoner transport ship was sunk by a US Navy submarine, whose captain had no idea that the ships' cargo was British and American soldiers and sailors. He drowned along with several thousand men when the Japs made no effort to rescue them. She mourned for years.

Laurel Miller died October 3, 2001, at age 85, from liver cancer, in her own bed, in her own home, cared for by a dedicated couple of neices and my wife. She flew the flag daily.


Evelyn Lilac Bush Lone worked at the Salt Lake City Remington Arms ammunition plant while her husband Bill was away in the Navy, helping the war effort by assembling .30-06 cartridges. After 68 years of marriage, Mom died December 16, 2008, from the effects of a 2 year battle with dementia. I miss my Mom.


My Dad, his brother Bob and my Uncle Huke escaped serious physical injury during the war. Hundreds of thousands of other Americans didn't, coming home burned and crippled, missing limbs and eyes and hearing. But these three men and millions of others were wounded mentally by the horror they witnessed and often participated in. They were wounded and healed to varying extents. High prices were paid.

They and their brothers saved the world from dictators that tried to enslave us, murdering millions they felt were culturally, mentally and racially inferior to themselves.

It's a good day to visit their graves, decorate them with springs flowers, with the flag they fought for, and to pause and remember and reflect on their gifts to us.

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LTC Herbert P. Rosamond, US Army, passed away this morning at 0830hrs. He was drafted in 1950 as a PVT E1, retired in 1980 as a LTC. He had 3 combat tours, 1 in Korea and 2 in Vietnam. All 30 years were spent as straight leg infantry.

He was my uncle.
"A lot of what is taken for engineering fact is nothing more than somebody`s opinion when you dig into it far enough."
Henry "Smokey" Yunick, 1923-2001

"I don`t care where I`m going, I`m just here to ride the train"
Some bluegrass song I heard on the radio
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USN Jack G. Heidloff ,sonar operator, Submariner, Father, Grandfather, firearms enthusiast. His passing leaves this world a much drearier place.01/07/09
" I am not Paranoid, I am prepared."
"So many guns,so little money..."
" It is easier to beg for forgiveness, than to plead for permission...."
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SGT Aubrey Dale Bell
Alabama Army National Guard
214th Military Police Company
KIA 27 OCT 2003
by VBIED in Baghdad, IRAQ

We miss you and we will never forget you.
"Well, boys, the've got us surrounded.... the bastards can't get away now!"
-- Chesty Puller

heheheheheh Free GGiilliiee Foundation

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Dean P
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I am going to miss this gentleman my father-in-law.

P. Franklin Hartzel Sr.

U.S. Army veteran
Saturday, December 12, 2009 1:20 AM CST
MILTON — P. Franklin Hartzel Sr., 90, of Center Street, Milton, died on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009, at his home.

Born May 14, 1919, in Milton, he was the son of the late Charles A. and Minnie C. (Young) Hartzel. Mr. Hartzel started and ended life in the same house. On March 5, 1943, he married the former Bessie E. Maxfield, who survives.

A 1936 graduate of Milton High School, he served in the Army as an infantry drill sergeant. He worked as a rural route carrier for the Post Office, retiring in 1976 and served as the mayor of Milton from 1978-1982. He was a member of the Milton Borough Council, a 50-year volunteer fireman and a life member of Shimer Hose Co., where he served as past president, financial secretary, and captain of the rescue squad. He was past president of the Milton Fire Department. He was the Milton civil defense director for 20 years, was former chairman of the Northumberland County Redevelopment Authority, a former chairman of the Milton Flood Committee and a former member of the Milton Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Hartzel was past president of the Milton Rotary Club and a Paul Harris Fellow. He was a 40-year volunteer of Upper Northumberland County Red Cross, where he served as past chairman of the board, first aid and CPR instructor trainer, and safety service consultant. He was a life member of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, where he served on the church council, many committees, and as a Sunday school teacher; a life member and past commander of American Legion Post 71; and a life member of VFW Post 1665.

Mr. Hartzel was an active Mason for over 50 years. He was past master, secretary and ritual instructor of Milton Lodge 256; ritualistic instructor for the 46th school of instruction; past high priest of Milton Royal Arch Chapter; held offices in the Pennsylvania Grand Chapter and Grand Lodge; past thrice Master of Vallerchamp Council 25, Sunbury; past district deputy of Royal and Select Masters of Pennsylvania; past commander of Mount Herman Commandry 85 Knights Templar, Sunbury; past sovereign of St. James Conclave Red Cross of Constantine, Shamokin; received the York Cross of Honor; past Governor of PA York Rite College 11, Shamokin; received the Order of the Purple Cross in 1984; helped form the Augusta Chapter of Demolay, Sunbury, where he served as chapter advisor, district deputy, received the order of the Gilded Apron, legion of honor, and cross of honor; A member of the Scottish Rite, Williamsport; past Sovereign of the Council Princess of Jerusalem; charter president of the Sun Valley Consistory Club; was coroneted a 33 Degree Mason and a member of the Supreme Council of the Northern Mason Jurisdiction; a member of the Irem Shrine, Wilkes-Barre; and a member of many other Masonic bodies.
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Petty Officer 1st Class Regina Clark.
Gone but not forgotten. May you RIP.
She had worked in a local bakery before she was called back to duty. It was reported in the news at the time that she was the first female member of the Navy KIA in the WOT.
She left behind her teen aged son.
The world's greatest forger is unknown.

Truth is the cry of all, but the game of few. George Berkeley
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SGT Christopher Taylor (Big T)
Alabama Army National Guard
1165th Military Police Company
KIA Baghdad Iraq 2004

Lest we never forget
"Well, boys, the've got us surrounded.... the bastards can't get away now!"
-- Chesty Puller

heheheheheh Free GGiilliiee Foundation

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My Uncle Tony (dad's brother) who fought in Europe in WWII. He died from a blood clot that broke loose from a shrapnel wound in the leg and traveled to his heart. he was 47 years old. Luckily, ALL of my uncles except one served, and came home unscathed, except for my true life war hero Uncle Angelo, who is still alive and carries shrapnel throughout his body from "being blown up", as he says

My beloved dad. He served in the Army in Europe in WWII. Having two kids then, he was supposed to be a truck driver for the Army in Texas. Somehow, in typical Army SNAFU, he ended up in the 28th Infantry Division, the Pennsylvania National Guard ("The Bloody Bucket" Division). At 5'7" and 135 lbs, again, in typical Army SNAFU, he was made a BAR man. Fought in Belgium and France. He was nearly killed by a near miss from a German "88" in the German pre-breakout artillery bombardment at the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge, and was invalided to a rear lines hospital. He was rendered unfit for combat after that due to the severe concussion he suffered, and was transferred first into a Supply outfit, then became an MP.

He talked much about the Army, but very little about combat. His experiences in the war led him to hate guns, and I was not allowed to have AN Y kind of gun, not even a BB gun as a kid. That was tough, because I've always been enamored of guns of all kinds.

He died of a heart attack in 1969 at the age of 53. I still miss him terribly, and occasionally have dreams about him in which when I see him and tell him he can't be there since he was dead, he replied "Nah, I just had a few things to take care of so I made myself scarce for a while, but I'm back now".

I love you Dad, and I miss you more than words can tell.
RIP. I'll see you again soon. We can talk about cars and motorcycles, which we both love.

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William H Pendergrass my grandpa on my mother's side , he was shot on the last day of WW1 and lived to be 99 years old. His brother Charlie didn't make it home. My dad James S Allen 13 years in the Army as a paratrooper, was in Korea. I met him again after 30 years of no contact what so ever , he had a bad heart and only lived two years after our reunion.
I'm just here to feed the alligators.

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PVT Donald S. Scott
Headquarters Troop
1st Cavalry Division
United States Army

He served in the Pacific Theater during World War II, including the Army of Occupation, Japan. An Expert Marksman and trained as a radio man for the Signal Corps, in typical Army tradition he put that training to good use as a vehicle mechanic at Fort Drake in Asaka Japan.

While stationed in Japan, he was able to pursue his passion for firearms at the former Japanese shooting range at Asaka, helping to open the range back up for the GI's stationed there.

As a teenager, he was naturally fascinated with firearms, learned machining, gunsmithing, and marksmanship. He was awarded NRA Expert status as a young teenager, was an NRA Rifle Instructor, and received the NRA Award for Special War Service Outstanding Merit.

After the war, he moved to Oak Ridge Tennessee, married, and worked at the Y12 Nuclear Weapons plant as a machinist producing specialty components for our Nation's Nuclear Weapons Arsenal. After 38 years of service, he retired as a veteran of both WWII and the Cold War.

Raised during the depression, he learned to live a simple life and to make do with what he had. He gave everything to raise my brother and I the best he possibly could, many times depriving himself of the luxuries in life, including his passion for guns. Fortunately, later in life we were able to spend many years at the local range, the Oak Ridge Sportsmans Association (ORSA), where he taught my brother and I to shoot. As a machinist, gunsmith, and firearms enthusiast, he also helped me learn how to build firearms, including the FAL rifle.

My father passed 17 January, 2011, 0637hrs, at my side.
He was the best father a boy could ever have.
He was the best friend a man could ever have.
I miss him greatly.

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un muy viejo gringo
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Graeme Reynolds b.12-1-1945 d.6-25-2011
SASR, !st Australian Task Force Vietnam 1969-70.
My young friend would never join me here as he said joining any organization I belonged to was beneath him,, but he would often comment on things I posted here as well as those of others. We built and used several FAL's over the years.
Hell of a ride mate,, hell of a ride.

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fred g
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Three years ago I sold a variety of parts over a period of a few months to a guy serving in Iraq. Between him being out on patrols and mutual problems with computer access our transactions could drag on a bit, but he was a great buyer with great communication. He would send me the money and I would ship to his wife in CA.

Then in mid transaction he disappeared. I wrote with no response and he never posted again or published in his online blog for the Army.

I hope I am off base here but I fear the worst.

God bless you friend where ever you are.

Fred Griffith
"Mission Accomplished" May 1st, 2003
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Today is a good day to bump this.
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CPL Philip McGeath, B/1/6 USMC

Killed by a suicide bomber in Khajaki, helmand January 18th, 2012. Left behind a band of brothers, loving family, two younger siblings in the corps, and beautiful wife. He was the best man that I have had the privilege to know, he helped me prepare to be the father and husband that I am today.

The suicide attack in the Khajaki Bazaar helped turn public sentiment against the Taliban in his AO and contributed greatly to their loss of support in the area.

Rest in peace brother, you are missed everyday.
Get closer, get steadier.
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fal fiend
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My dad, Houston Donald Holland , US Navy, WW11 vet, he was merchant marine gunner & sight setter, they were also in charge of ship sercruity Served his country 8 years, during & following the war, lied about his age to get in to serve & see the world. He had many great tales , things they did in port & things he saw at sea, RIP DAD
In memory of a true friend, Derby Fals 1956-2007/ I'm a Contributor, u should be 1 too, support the Fal board.
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Texas Jaguar
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1st Lt. Alfred NMI Gaither
B29 Navigator, 20th Air Force
Tinian, Marshall Islands, 1944 & 1945
8 Missions, The last a weather recon
over Nagasaki, Japan 8/9/1945
6/11/24 to 12/24/2007
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My papa, Arvi Fiorina. USMC. Fought in WWII in pacific theater and fought in Korea. Not sure the outfits because he was pretty vague and not up for detailed talking about it. But a veteran and hero to me. Passed on a few days ago. R.I.P. papa, thank you for your service.
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un muy viejo gringo
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I had thought someone would have posted George "Star PD" military stats here I think he was a tin can sailor and a long time member here.

Another member who I don't recall seeing on this thread is the "Ironman" a Marine veteran,,, Sunday is veterans day,,, and the next day is the USMC birthday,,, out of sight out of mind.

Lest we forget

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Cpl. Miles B. Hart, Japan Logistics Corps, died May 19, 1994.
"You can never be too rich, too good-looking, or too well-armed."
- Marcus Kincaid
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I'd like to add my family to the list;:

My brother Pfc John Alexander Nitsos 1944-1994 100% Disabled VN & Korea

Father Sgt Alexander John Nitsos 1912 - 1971 Royal Greek Army
active 1936- 1945, fought during Nazi occupation

Uncle MSgt Andrew John Nitsos 1924-1988 Army Air Force WWll

Cousin MSgt John Andrew Nitsos 1950-2000 USAF Door gunner VN

Cousin Lt Nicholas Anthony Assimos 1924-2001 USN

FIL Marion J Jones 1924-2008 USN WWII served on the Pennsylvania

thank you for the opportunity to once again remember them
Never be more than one step away from your sword..Old Greek Proverb.

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My father in law Dillard Hamby
USN Pacific WW2
<-- My C1A1 and I while serving.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke
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I'd like to add two names...

C.R. Wilburn - USMC and Army - b. January 10, 1936 d. July 4, 2007

K.L. Harris - United States Army - Korean War vet - b. August 24, 1931 d. July 19, 2014

RENEGADE: an individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior.
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un muy viejo gringo
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P.E. Martin,,, b.12/31/36 - d.3/24/16,,, USA & USAF, served in Korea, Japan, Greece, Germany and Vietnam.

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MsGySgt. Leonard Carl Dahl USMC 1956-77
Dec. 7, 1938 - Apr. 5, 1998
My father. RIP Dad!
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un muy viejo gringo
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Posts: 26,661
Gone but not forgotten,,, go to rest,,, day is done,,, day is done,,, taps.
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Lost my friend recently, RVN, 69, 70, 71, Ed Vankirk, SFC, US Army retired, back walking point, just to keep the FNG's, tha frickin new guys safe and in one piece.

May his memory be a blessing.
You may find me dead in a ditch one day, on my knees, but I will be up to my waist in spent rifle brass.

It ain't the firearms they are wanting to be rid of, its you!
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Are We Awake ?
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Vernon Leon Hamner, Jr.

March 8, 1936 – May 9, 2018

If the Army and the Navy
Ever gaze on Heaven's scenes,
They will find the streets are guarded by

United States Marines

.................................................. ....
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L Haney
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PFC Gordon Lee Haney
May 29, 1925 - Aug 1, 2019
WWII Pacific Theater, 32nd Inf. Div.

My dad.
Bubbagump: "When you leave a merit-based system behind do not be surprised when what you end up with is without merit."
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long-time Texas taxpayer
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My condolences Lowell.
"The rock of democracy will founder when people think of people unlike themselves as the "other"-Teddy Roosevelt

My daddy was a cowboy in his younger days, wild as the west Texas wind. He once told me, "Son, death is a horse you got to ride. So you better get your saddle ready."-Mick "Pappy" Connors

heavily armed, easily pissed.
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