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posting personal information

Originally posted by W.E.G. at

Now hear this:

The only thing that is not permitted is street address, email address, home telephone number, and photo.

Its only fair that if somebody uses the board to get into a deal that "goes bad," the aggrieved person should be allowed to sufficiently identify the other party so that others might recognize that other party in other deals.

Solicitations to go track someone down, and do them harm are always out of bounds.

The purpose of the "don't post personal info" policy is to prevent some yahoo on the internet from causing a barrage of gratuitous negative attention from being directed at somebody at their abode - even if they DON'T know the difference between an Australian and a Brazilian kit.

Nobody doing business here gets to "hide behind the cloak of the internet."

However, in any context except beefs about deals, this board will not be used as a launch pad for people to gratuitously post any personal information - even state of residence or hair color (or in the case of many on this board: presence or absence of hair ) - if there is no reason for doing so other than to simply harass somebody.

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