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CETME C Parts Kit

Trying to get an idea of what to ask for this parts kit as I am not going to build it. It came from Harlan at FAC about 15 years ago. It's complete even though there are some small pieces not shown (rear sight, mag release) and it has the original barrel. The cleaning kit is empty, but the bayo lug is not neutered. The bolt locking piece is marked .50 if I remember right. Comes with 6 x 20 rnd CETME mags and one of the rattiest piece of crap looking slings I have ever seen in my life. The one picture of the chewed up wood is the flaw that this kit has - when they mailed it they didn't wrap the saw cut receiver 'teeth' and it beat the hell out of the bottom of the buttstock. I would appreciate any feedback you guys can provide. Thanks for your time.

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RG Coburn
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That's a nice kit. Wished I'd bought a truck full back in the day.
That has to be worth $500,no?
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A very remarkable kit, I've never seen it's equal.
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