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Buy anti trump (racist) ad

What a lying POS. Who called whom deplorables and bible clingers (stick in the anthill). Who has kept folks stirred up, MSM to support which side and for the purpose of making money. The Clinton machine really fired up divisive politics. I have tried to keep an open mind to politics (which makes for strange bedfellows) but I'm sorry, this crop of "democrats" are really "Cultural bigots" ( Am I safer wearing a MAGA t-shirt or an Obama t-shirt) and all this guy is doing is stirring the pot.
OK, off the soap box.
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You know, I'd love to wear my Trump shirt going to school in San Francisco next month. But I lack self control when confronted and i am liable to slit tongues with my, likely illegal, pocket knife. Better to just shove tampons in the twatty waffle mouths.
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