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Woo Pistol Question

I have a DP51 9mm, bought it back in the 90's when they were first available - and cheap. I even picked up a couple of extra mags, thankfully - because you sure can't find them now! Why no mags for the Woo pistols? You would think with the recent import of these pistols from Israel or where ever they are coming from there would be mags too. I know that S&W 59 series mags will work, but they don't fit quite right. I would like to know if there is a source for mags for the DP51's without paying more than I paid for the pistol.
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Smith and Wesson 5900 series of magazines fit pretty well, and are much higher quality than the orignian korean mags.
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Old November 05, 2018, 20:54   #3
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Woo pistol question
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Old November 10, 2018, 05:33   #4
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I have the DP40 and the 9mm. The 9 is a very good shooter!
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Anyone know if the DP51C mags are similar enough to the 51 to try some of these larger mags? Right now, the link is on sale for $22. Not sure if it is worth it for only 3 more rounds.
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